Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thank you Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie might seem like a weird person to thank for anything but he got me through my wall last night!

I set out to do the big loop with my lovely handheld and felt good through the first 2 miles and then it seemed like I was dragging a dead body behind me on each leg! It was not good! I picked up a bit through mile 3 but when I hit 3.6, I had a sloshing my my tummy and wasn't sure if I was gonna barf or have it go the other way. I slowed my roll to a walk and that's how I finished the rest of the .5 mile home. And to boot, someone honked at me while I was walking and felt looked like death. Thanks Honker. You made my night but I was very confused.

I came home to eat my leftover Naan pizza that I got the idea from Jess and modified it to what I had. I used pasta sauce, bagged romaine lettuce (that's seriously what I had!), Jenny-o turkey sausage link chopped up, freshly picked basil, sliced tomatoes and topped with Mexican 3 cheese blend! It was quite delish even as leftovers!
Tuesday I finished my butternut squash but last night I had asparagus that came in a microwaveable pouch. I love me some asparagus but I HATE HATE HATE the smell of 'stinky asparagus pee' after I eat it! Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it or not. 

Yes it is!!!

After dinner, I was pretty much exhausted and made myself one of these lovelies and went and sat in bed and read the July Runner's World. I told you I was behind on my magazine reading!!!
Heaven in a cup!
Yes it's true! All you have to do is give me a cup of tea and I'll be happy! :)

Not sure if I'm feeling like running tonight b/c I'm super hungry b/c I didn't get around to having my 3pm snack  b/c I was working very hard and forgot about it! Crazy! I know! So, I think I'll go home and make something amazing with my leftover baked chicken. Any ideas?

Do you get 'stinky asparagus pee'? Not everyone does. The nerd in me had to research this topic! No Joke! I even had a chemistry Prof describe the product of a reaction having that smell in a talk. It had pictures and everything! Maybe I'm not the only weirdo out there?! :)

Now have some kitty love!
Immy staring at her 'kitt weed' plate she just demolished

Sleepy Jack is just sooo cute!


  1. Agree about the asparagus thing, though havent taken it to that level of thinking, its along the same lines of "your pee turns radio active neon yellow when you take vitamins"

  2. only some people have stinky pee because it all depends on how your body digests it. so, just like everything else about your bodily functions, naturally, they are stinky.

    -from the living proof known as her sister.