Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My phone eats my posts

Last night, I spent a fair amount of time "typing" up a post for you all and my phone freaked out and ate it while I was posting a picture. So, I'm going to try and reiterate what I had eloquently *cough cough* wrote last night.

Last night's post was titled "No sleep = no motivation". This was due to the fact that my box fan motor had burned up Monday night and that lead to a hot night of little sleep. The last time I looked at the clock was 2am. This resulted in me being a walking zombie at work yesterday but that was good b/c I was parked in front of my computer yesterday designing a poster of my research to present next Wednesday for a "Senior Grad Student Expo" for the department. We're supposed to present work that we've done this summer but I pretty much put a general recap of this year, so far. No one will ever know! I had thought about recycling a poster but didn't think I could actually pull that off since I'm not doing anything close to what I was this time last year. Oh well. Now, I have a pretty poster with my pretty crystal structures and other bits of nerd on it. When I finally get this stupid paper written and it's published, you bet your bottom that I will put a link on here to brag! :)

Monday night, I went to dinner with a prospective graduate student, which means free dinner from the department!! I chose to go to Sangria in Moscow, which is one of my favorite places. I've even gone there for my birthday a few times. I know the menu so well that I should work there! I ordered the Sangria Saltado with chicken which was a stirfry of peppers, onions, cilantro and french fries over a bed of rice. I had this with a raspberry lemonade. Then we decided to skip restaurant dessert and opted for froyo instead! Trip #4 for me in the less than 2 weeks it's been open. I tried a new flavor combo of vanilla and mango tango with granola, strawberries and marshmallow sauce. It was quite good but the cake batter/pb swirl was the best so far.

Also, on Monday I went to charge my camera since the battery died at the party on Saturday and couldn't find it. After 2 hours of looking around the house and even in my car I gave up.

If you were a camera charger, where would you hide?

Last night, I had all intentions of running while I was at work but when I got home the congestion had set in and the weather was trying to be stormy. I decided to be a blob on the couch and take a nap instead of running. I also went to Walmart and got a new box fan, some frozen blocks of food to lunches and some fresh scented garbage bags b/c the monster box I got from Cost-co about 2 years ago had finally run out. :)
When I got home, I made a grilled cheese on Ezekiel bread with muenster and Gruyere cheeses and a salad. The salad had romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, feta, mexican cheese blend, ff italian dressing and a grilled Jenny-O turkey sausage. It was very delish and filling. I had to do two rounds with the salad to finish it off.

 While I was laying in bed, I broke down and was looking for a new camera charger on amazon. I found one with shipping for $4 and couldn't pass it up. I'm sure once I get the replacement the old one will magically reappear.

I have to present at group meeting tonight. Right now, I'm hoping to get some kind of a run in b/c I was notified by FedEx that my Mission Skincare products that I ordered had arrived. I'm excited to try the chub rub stuff and their lip balms. I will let you know what I think after I try them.

Do you use chub rub stuff when you run in shorts? I'm am not one of the blessed people to not have their thighs touch so I have had to buy shorts long enough so they don't get irritated.

Do you lose things, replace them and find the originals? I once lost a bottle of Pepto for the longest time that I give Heif when he has an upset tummy. I didn't replace it b/c I won't touch the stuff (blech) but ended up finding it in a really weird place. Crazy me!

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  1. Yuum, that food looks really good! I lose stuff all the time. ugh.