Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Since Blogger is fighting me... This is my costume this year! It almost didn't happen! I got the package with my jersey ay 4:33pm on Saturday and practically tackled the mail man from happiness!

I was able to be Troy and went to Laura's party and had a great time. I have more pictures to show you other people's costumes but of course I left it at home. Instead, I'm working on Concert Day 2 for you after this quickie Halloween post.

After the party Saturday night, (no libations on my part) I had the 2nd Annual Run for your Life 5K that is a fundraiser for the WSU Women's Light Crew. I didn't win anything for my speediness *Cough* or my Troy Polamalu costume, but I did win a snazzy mug as a door prize. Prizes are always welcomed!

I came home from the race and decided that I wanted to make chili in the crockpot for dinner. I didn't have everything so I went and got the goods and got the slow cooker working it's magic. While this was going down, I had my first stab at making a Spaghetti Squash. It was amazingly easy and I had it with my chili for lunch today! AMAZING!!

One half of the innards gone.

One squash gives you a lot of "noodles"

After I got my cooking urges out of the way, I went to campus and helped carve pumpkins for the General Chemistry classes that do some nerdy stuff with them, like make them spit fire or ooze foam! I carved my 2 pumpkins and got my seeds that I was mainly after and came home. I sat down with a cup of tea and watched "Once Upon a Time" and "The Good Wife" and graded lab reports like a good TA. The Sunday 10pm time slot didn't have much to offer, so I went to bed early. Tonight I have to proctor an Organic Chemistry exam and am dressed up b/c I told my students that I would. Did you dress up at work today?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vegas - Day 2, Concert Day 1

Hello everyone!
Sorry, I got busy yesterday and didn't get around to posting. I went to have some froyo with a friend and then my hobbling from my TRX class on Monday convinced me to not go running last night. Instead I put plastic on my living room windows to winterize them and rearranged my furniture as well. I live an exciting life. I know!

Before I start my picture extravaganza from the concert, I would like to tell you about another awesome deal going on. The people at 26.2 apparel are offering a 30% discount and free shipping that SkinnyRunner announced if you use the code RUNSKINNY at checkout. I already got the black/pink plain one. This stuff is SOOOO soft I'm excited to try it out!!

Let the pictures begin...
Day 1 ticket

Opening band on the big stage

Jose from Sirius/XM Octane
Rob of Adelita's Way

Keith and Rick of Adelita's Way

Zach of Black Tide but playing for Escape the Fate

Lead singer of Escape the Fate
Charlie Scene of Hollywood Undead

JDogg of HU

Charlie on the guitar

Johnny 3 Tears giving JDogg some love

Charlie with no mask

Isn't JDogg dreamy?!

Funnyman, Da Kurlzz (minus any curls), J3T, JDogg

Danny singing with his pants down...kinda

The beginning of 'Everywhere I Go' one of my favorite songs

Charlie spitting rhymes

JDogg does it all!

FFDP drum head

Ivan of FFDP

Hook of FFDP

Ivan kept making cutesy poses

Zoltan with major dreads

And then he screamed a lot too
And then the band we came to Vegas for... Avenged Sevenfold!!!

They open with Nightmare!

M. Shadows

Zacky, Arin, and the giant deathbat!!

Johnny Christ on bass

M. belting it out

Zacky looking classy

Look at M's arms!!

Guitar duo, Zacky and Synister Gates


Zacky's fancy mic stand

Arin under the death bat

Those arms should be insured!

Hello you!!

Johnny drinking some wine?

Battling again

I like everything but the wedding band :P

Can you the The Rev's tribute tattoo?

Johnny being surprised that they didn't set him on fire...

Syn singing?

I'm sad that the show's gonna end too, Syn!

Best friends!

Nothing says A7X like some flames!

Perfect way to end the show!!

Erin and I had such a great time at the show and it was totally worth sacrificing my body to get some of these amazing shots!! *drool*

Have you been to any concerts lately?