Monday, July 11, 2011

Fun was had by ALL!

Hello Everyone! I had a fun weekend and was sad to see it end when I woke up this morning and had an 8:00am appointment at the dentist. Boo! Let's get to the fun!

Friday: I was pretty lame tired from my early morning run experience and came home from work and chilled on the couch, watered my garden and sipped on honey/lemon tea all night to help soothe my cough. Friday Night Lights was pretty good! I just LOVE high school football games! And yet, I've never been to one in the 5 years I've lived in Pullman. Weird.

Saturday: This is where all of the fun began! It started with picking Laura up and going to the Farmer's Market and getting some apricots, cucumbers, and my lovely carbs! I ran into a few friends at the market too! I dropped Laura off and went home. I hung out my clothes to dry and then took a nap. I love the trees that are around my house b/c it's always so cool inside! I even had a blanket on for a little while!

I got motivated and took the clothes down, fed the dog, and went to get ready for the big show!! Laura's band, Jackson Blue, was playing their first bar gig! It was super exciting!! I even went all out as to curl my hair AND put hairspray in it! If you know me, you know I HATE hairspray. But the stuff I used smelled good and didn't make me feel like I should jump into the 80s. Here are a few pictures from the night.

It was a bit dark in there, so not the best pictures.

I had a great time and the band was as good as last time and even had some new songs!! I was tired but didn't get home til after 2am! I'm getting too old for this crap! But it was fun!

Sunday: I was a vegetable in my pjs on the couch til about 2 when I decided to put real clothes on and then I met Erin for some fro-yo at the new place in Moscow that just opened up that I have been waiting for months to do so!!
The Mothership has landed!!
There were about 12 different flavors to choose from and it was all self-serve and you paid by weight. There were little cups that you could taste the flavors before you decided on many one. I ended up with vanilla, peach and cake batter froyo with coconut, kiwi, mangoes and raspberries. All topped with marshmallow cream syrup! YUM!! I will be going back and can now join in the obsession with my fellow bloggers to the south!

3 froyo flavors topped with goodness!

Do you have a froyo place where you live? I think they are fairly new but I'm totally in love with the idea! I will be back!!

Congrats to all of those who raced this weekend. I was still coughy/congested and didn't feel like doing my 10 miles yesterday, so I rested on the couch instead and feel better today. I think it was a good choice!

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