Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Please call me Dr.! :)

Well, you guessed it! I successfully passed my thesis defense on Friday!! Feel free to go to this link and you can watch it. Consider it my first vlog! Haha!


Since then, I had an awesome celebratory dinner that was coordinated by my friend and fellow Nash Group member, JJ. Thanks again for all that you did!! I still have to put the pictures on my computer and then I will share some with you all.

Saturday morning, I had my first 5k as a post-Ph.D. It was horrible time was and I walked alot but it felt good just to be out there. Afterwards, my tummy was fighting me from  either the booze from the night before or a running reaction, so I spent the afternoon on the couch and missed Erin's roller derby scrimmage. :(

After I was feeling better, I was whirling around the house trying to get rid of things and get stuff sort of packed for the movers to come. This seems like it's been a long time coming...

Sunday morning, I went to see Rock of Ages with Erin and her mom. I loved it b/c I'm a sucker for 80s rock music and musicals and was totally singing along! It was definitely cheesy and Tom Cruise played a washed up rocker pretty good! I got home and continued to clean.

The movers showed up about 8:45 and started packing things. I felt like a useless lump as I watched them pack all of my things. I did leave for a bit and went to have lunch with my neighbor Lisa for some yummy Thai food! I came back and they were still going strong. It was 2 guys until about 5pm and then another guy showed up and then things jumped to warp speed and everything was finally packed!

Last night I slept on my bedroom floor in a sleeping bag surrounded by Heif and Imine. I sent Heif's crate with the movers so now he feels lost, but he got to keep his body pillow and a few of his favorite toys to keep him company. I think it's gonna be a long week sleeping on the floor but I didn't feel too bad when I woke up. I think it just took everyone a while to calm down when it was bed time.

Today, I got my carpets shampooed and did most of my corrections on my thesis that need done. I will finish them tomorrow when I'm at school. I have to do some cleaning in the organic lab and try to walk the new post-doc, Julie, through my synthesis steps and show her what's what around the organic lab. Then it's just putzing around and last minute cleaning and time to pack up and go!

I'm getting ready for my (hopefully) last cross country drive in a hurried fashion and will take off Sunday morning. I don't think we'll be doing many touristy things along the way but will be making a stop at Mount Rushmore. I'll try to keep you up to date with my progress.

Then, when I get to Columbus I close on my house and can move in!! And buy appliances and furniture!

Oh the joys of growing up!

Thanks for reading... until next time.

Have you traveled across the country? Any tips or suggestions to see along I-90?