Monday, July 25, 2011

Fun Filled Weekend

Happy Monday everyone! I think I was actually kind of excited to get back to work b/c I had such a crazy weekend! So, let's get to it! (This is kind of a long post, so if you get bored with my words, just enjoy the pictures.) :)

Friday: I left work and took care of Heif and then headed out b/c Erin and I were getting pedis at 7pm. I had some stuff to do before I met her, like looking after this guy!
Meet Sampson. He's a Main Coon kitty.
I hung out with him for a while b/c he's so large and just fun to play with! Then I stopped by Laura's house and dropped off some parsley and basil seeds that I had forgotten to give her the night before and then headed to Moscow. I got there at 6:45 and the sign said they closed at 7. Crap! I walked in the door and they said they would take me. Sweet! I waited a while and Erin came and we got our toes done! Erin went with an electric blue/ purple and I went with my usual hooker red toes.
 Please excuse the Hobbit feet. 

It just happened that Jamms the froyo place was just 2 doors down, so we HAD to go! This is what I had.
Cake batter with brownie and cookie dough bits, choco chips, waffle cone, capn crunch, strawberries, mango and marshmallow cream! YUM!
We decided that the froyo was going to be dinner but I was still hungry, so we went to Wendy's. I don't know if I could tell you the last time I had fast food! This is a good thing, but made it taste that much better! I hit the $1 menu with a jr cheeseburger, caesar chicken wrap and fries. We then hit up the gas station for some Dews. If we were going to be bad, might as well have some Dew as well! ;) It was only 8:20, so we headed to the mall to check out if a rumor was true or not. Still not sure after scoping out the situation. I left Moscow at 9pm which is when I had hoped to be in bed and I still had to pack! Ugg!

I ended up getting home packed my clothes, laid out my race clothes, made my overnight oats and got into bed by just after 10. Then, I wasn't tired! I think I dozed off at about 10:30...

Saturday: My alarm was set for 4am but some idiot friended me on facebook at 3:40 and my phone dinged and woke me up then! I think I laid in bed til 4:10 and then got up. I was all packed and in the car with my oats and a cup of tea with enough time to get to Jessie's house by about 5am. This is disgustingly early but I didn't feel too bad. 

We transferred stuff into Jessie's car and were on the road by 5:30 and were parked in Spokane by 7. We thought the race started at 8 but it turns out the Kiddie stuff started at 8 and the adult race didn't start til 8:30. We got out packets and shirts and walked back to the car to get ready.

I wore my compression socks in hopes to not cramp (as bad) and they kind of worked but I'm glad I had them or it would have been worse. I put on the stick form on the chub rub (it looks like greasy deodorant) and then we went to warm up/ stretch before the race. Then I ran into this guy.
Otto the Spokane Indians mascot
And we took some self portraits with my phone b/c we didn't want to ask anyone to take out picture.
Jessie, me, Desiree
The race started right on time as far as I could tell. It was essentially the same course as the 10K I had done in October but without going around the river once. It took me 1:06 to finish and my GPS on my phone said it was 5.12 miles and not the 4.8 (8K) that it was advertised as being. Needless to say when my ipod told me the end was near and it wasn't, I felt like I was going to die. I even walked a little up this hill to find the finish was at the bottom. Still not bad b/c it was 3 mins faster than my 5 mile time in March. I'll take it!

We went back to the car and then wandered to Runners Soul, the running shop in Spokane. I looked at the handheld bottles but decided I liked my rig as it was. Then I went to the fuel wall. I bought some GU's, shot blocks and chomps all to try out different flavors on my up coming long runs while training for my half in Sept. I also got some Tropical flavored Nuun tabs to try. I had wished that they had a combo pack so I could try different flavors without having to buy a whole thing. No dice. I will let you know how I like them as I try them. I've only tried strawberry shot blocks so far and they were good.

We went to Jessie's friend's, Heidi, apartment and showered and changed and went to Olive Garden for lunch. The funny thing is that Olive Garden is me and my sister's "GO TO" place when I'm home. I texted her a picture of my peach tea asking her where I was and she texted me one back of her b/c she was at one in Pittsburgh with her boyfriend at the same time! It was crazy! Here's what I had:
The best peach tea on the planet!

One of many bread sticks and 2 bowls of salad

Cappelini Pomodoro. Nice and light!

Don't you worry b/c I finished it all! I was hungry and working on eating myself into a food coma so I would ensure a nap when we got back to the apartment. We left downtown and headed to the Northtown mall. I scored some good deals. First, I went to Kohl's and got some plain tshirts, a "flyaway" shirt to go over my camis and look dressy and a pair of Adidas shoes that I got on super sale! They were reg. $70 and the sign said $22!!! So, I jumped on that deal!
Supposed trail running shoes. Probly gonna be everyday shoes.
I also went to Victoria's Secret and finally snagged some undies that either didn't have words on them or didn't say anything like "I'm Easy" or "Do Me" on the butt! I did get a pair that were white with apples on them and they say "Bite Me" on the butt but I thought they were cute and not dirty/whorish. I finished off the mall with a black tea bubble tea! YUMMMM!! Living in the west has spoiled me on these. If I move somewhere that doesn't have them, I will have to order the goods to make my own!

We went back to the apartment and took a nap til 5:30 and then got ready to go to the Spokane Indians baseball game. We didn't have great seats, far away on the 3rd base line, but it wasn't so big that you couldn't see. Well, you couldn't really see til the sun went down a ways but it was fun. I got a Mountainy Dew in a take home cup and a frozen lemonade for $4 each and was happy. We were losing by 3 when we left at the bottom of the 8th inning but we got our money's worth!

Sunday: I met up with Erin at the water park in Moscow and was more prepared this time and put spf 85 on me at home and allowed it to soak in before I got there. This resulted in me getting burned less than last time! :) I was apparently lacking in my application on the back of my legs b/c I got burned on the backs of my knees and my thutt (word stolen from SR that means where you thigh meets your butt). I didn't realize this until I put my jammies on last night. Ouch! I'm am sparing you a picture of my thutt b/c I'm sure no one wants to see that. :)
Does this look red to you?
So, I had a busy weekend and the race went well. The one thing that I have to report is that my chub rub failed me! My poor legs were still chaffed after then run and when I woke up on Sunday it looked like I had a brushburn! Ouch! I think I will try the cream next time and be sure to limit wearing the shorts that I did on Saturday. 

Have you tried any kind of chub rub? Did it work for you or did it fail too? If you are one of those blessed people that your thighs don't touch, please just don't tell me or I might hate you! Kidding. ;)

Was your weekend as crazy as mine?

Where do you like to go out to eat? Do you have a fave sibling spot too?

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  1. Sounds like a crazy weekend but also sounds so fun! Congrats on the is always so awesome to see improvement! sounds like you did great! and OLIVE GARDEN!!! yum! have not been there in forever :)

    I use sportshield for chub rub....have you tried it??? I love it and have had no problems since (knock on wood...haha!)!