Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's gonna happen

I am running tonight!!! I was planning on running last night but was knocked down on the couch with a headache. So, instead of running I slept it off and then made dinner. I recreated this lovely dish b/c I was hungry for eggs. I wanted to do something fancier but ended up too lazy/tired to do fancy.

It did the trick and then I was fueled enough to watch my Monday night tv. I think I'm starting to hate this season of the B, but it's just like that train wreck that you can't walk away from! I know she's going to cry and the guys are going to get all huffy but I just can't help myself! I think I am looking forward to the Home Town dates to just new some new faces up in here!! I'm secretly hoping for some super scary jacked up family to go with a seemingly normal guy! Is that aweful?!

EMWLE just blew me away! It was all sorts of sad to watch Wally's struggle with food! I was all happy for him and rotting him on when he made his 3 month goal and got to go to Disney World b/c that is such a fun/awesome place!! As the show went on, I just felt sad and wanted to help the guy out! Then I was sad/mad at his wife for not being on his case all the time about where he was and what he was eating! You bet your rear if this was an addiction to drugs or alcohol that people would be all over him, but we will just sit back and watch him eat himself to death! CRAZY!!! I was glad when Chris stepped in at the end and took him to rehab b/c it was obvious that Wally needed more help than Chris or his wife could give him to beat these demons. 

Tonight, I'm planning on running to Laura's house and back, which is just under 6 miles. I think that is a good start to getting back on track b/c I feel better and am coughing less (it just sounds worse!). I will keep you posted! As far as I can tell, my girly bits aren't effecting me b/c it's that time. I'm hoping it doesn't since I only gett that time every 3 months. If you are super jelly and want to know how one pulls this feat off, email me and I will tell you what my Dr. told me. It's quite fascinating stuff!

What did you think about EMWLE? 

How is the weather where you are? It's only 76 here but feels super humid for here. I hope it doesn't aggravate my tummy while I'm running!

P.S. For all of your rock music lovers out there... I bought the new Theory of a Deadman album on iTunes today and am totally in love with it!!! They are my favorite all time band, so I am a little biased, but it's still really good! And the special edition version has 18 songs!!! Who does that?! :)

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  1. totally agree about the B...not sure why I keep watching either...haha! Good luck on your run tonight :) Sending you positive vibes for a good one!