Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth Festivites

So like many other bloggers, I am going to keep suit and tell you about my day yesterday. :)

I came home from work and chilled on the couch for a bit and then I broke down and did the dishes that I have been needing to do for the past few days. Why do you think I got Pizza Hut over the weekend? B/c I loathe doing dishes, that's why! :) After the dishes were clean, I could start making the goods that I was taking to the BBQ. I ended up making healthy pasta salad with whole wheat pasta and FF italian dressing that has flavor with green peppers, olives, cucumber and tomatoes. I also made my mom's awasome banana cake with sea foam icing! It's like making your own Marshmallow Fluff!!! If you want the recipe, let me know and I'll be glad to pass it on!
Sea foam icing!!!

Healthy goodness
I worked so hard on my food that I even pooped Heif out. Or he just wasn't excited about the heat...
Dead dog in the hallway

I gathered up my goods and went to the BBQ where I experienced a first... TURTLE BURGERS! These were burgers with hotdogs in the and wrapped in bacon. By no means are they healthy but they were GOOD!!!

Then there was some pyro fun. We are chemists after all!!

Then I had round 2 of dessert with some fruit salad and some of the other cake that was way more festive than mine. 
I left the BBQ and went home b/c even though I have a big dog he is a giant weenie when it comes to loud noises. I parked myself on my porch on my bean bag chair and could hear the music from the nearby park that has the big fireworks display. Here is my view while waiting for the show.

While we were waiting Heif was pacing in circles around me. It was VERY annoying but I was glad to be there with him so he didn't have to freak out alone like he did last year b/c I went to the park to watch the fireworks. The show started about 10pm and lasted for about a half hour and it was to music which I put on my radio at home. I had to watch the show through the trees but I was able to do it in my pj's so it was worth it. When the show was over, I put Heif to bed and did the same. I'm not sure when the idiots around me stopped shooting off their fireworks but I went to sleep eventually.

I wish there was some kind of race around here b/c I would have done it!

Did anyone manage to eat healthy for the 4th? I made healthy food but totally over indulged on fruit and cake!


  1. haha. I always do the same thing. i eat the healthy foods and then eat like 3 pieces of cake :) LOVE holiday desserts...they are the best!! that cake you made sounds absolutely amazing! and your night of fireworks sounds so relaxing! Glad you had such an awesome 4th!

  2. heck to the no. i sat in bed half the day eating and watching sex and the city. and THEN i celebrated. :)

  3. Just found your blog and am looking forward to following you. If BBQ ribs and 2 strawberries in a bowl of whipped cream are healthy, then I was good! :)