Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Migraine is Dead

It took longer than I would have liked, but I have finally beaten then migraine and it has left me!!

Yesterday, I can't say that I was very productive at work b/c my face was throbbing the whole time. I was able to feel better by about 5 and went home and changed into workout clothes and then met Erin at Walmart for a few things. I finally got my cats some dry cat food and they were very thankful! So thankful that one of them barfed on a piece of paper in my bedroom in the middle of the night! YAY!

I went to my BOSU Abs class and just getting the blood pumping made my headache go away. So, after 30 mins of abs, I decided that I was up for a bit of a run. I decided to get a somewhat of a speed workout in. I warmed up and then would run at 7mph or 8:34 min/mile for one minute and then slowed it down for 2 minutes to let my heart rate come down. I did this for a mile and ended up being about 13 minutes long. It felt good to run that fast but I know I could never keep that pace for very long. I also tried out my new Reebok Runtone shoes. I haven't really noticed a difference but they seem very cushy and they don't look like those hideous things that Sketchers put out. I will keep you posted.
After my little run, I went home and made some dinner. I was debating between a veggie burger on a bun thin or an egg sandwich. I decided on an open faced egg sandwich with cheese and salsa. They ended up being 5 pts + each b/c I used 1 pt bread.

After watching some horrible tv, because none of the good stuff has really started yet, I went to water the garden and look what I found!
The first picking of the year!! They may be small and only a handful, but they are the start and there's plenty more on the plants. They just need to turn red now! 

Tonight, I have group meeting and a late softball game! I'm calling it Cross Training. :) Have a good night everyone!

Anyone want some chives or rosemary?

Do you have a garden? How's it going?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hot as Hades Weekend

My weekend seemed pretty busy but that could have been due to all of the laying around I did and trying not to sweat sitting still. Ick! It was up in the mid to upper 90s this weekend, which is pretty hot for here. I even broke down and turned my AC on and was still sweltering! Then a storm moved in last night and it was still hot but windy so it at least felt better.

Friday: I went to a McNair Welcome BBQ to acclimate the new Scholars with the old and introduce all of the Alumni that are on campus. There was really good food and it was great catching up with everyone and seeing how their summers were. I went home early because I was planning on a long run Saturday morning.

Saturday: My alarm went off at 4:30 and it was still dark and I didn't sleep well, so I hit the snooze. 5:30 rolled around and it was still dark and I didn't feel like getting up, so I slept in til 9. Then it was too hot to go outside and run. I decided that I would go with a pb english muffin and a banana for my fuel since lots of runners do. I learned that this was a bad move for me b/c I was burping up pb the whole time I was running! GROSS!!

I did get to try out my new arm band b/c I somehow have lost my other one. I hope it turns up somewhere, but right now I've scoured my car and everything it could have touched the last day I had it on. Here's the new one that I bought at Walmart.

Another thing about my run... I had planned on doing at least 10 miles but even inside it was freaking hot so all I could muster was a crazy super sweating 3 miles. I felt like I was dying! I think I need to run more during the week than I have been and I need to get my long runs in on the weekend early so it's still cool out. 

Lesson learned.

After showering and trying not to sweat while sitting still, I went to Moscow to watch the UFC fights. I was really hoping that Forrest Griffin was going to win but he sadly had his rear handed to him on a plate. The Anderson Silva fight was pretty good too. The only thing I was sad about was how quick some of the fights were, but I guess that's what makes them good.

I left the bar about 9 and went to get some taco bell for the road.

Sunday: I hung out with Erin. I dyed her hair, which turned into an adventure. We went to Jamms for froyo. She cleaned her room and we chatted. It was a good day but was 98 degrees when I was coming through town on my way home.

I broke down and turned the AC on in my house and set it to 72 and it did nothing. I passed out on the couch from the heat and woke up to a creepy looking sky.
There was a storm moving in. It turned out to only be thunder and lightning with very little rain but the winds were pretty gusty and it made things cool down a bit which was nice!

Monday: Started off as a regular day. I had to fill in for someone and do their office hours in exchange for them doing mine when I'm gone for 2 weeks in 2 weeks from today! EEKS! So I sat for 3 hours and at the end of it I had this headache that seemed to keep growing. 

I had a meeting from 5:30-7 and the headache kept getting worse. I got home and came to the realization that it was a lovely migraine and not a headache b/c it was that time. Ugg. Needless to say it was a long night of me smashing my face into pillows/ couch cushions/ anything soft that I could smash my face into.

I ended up getting some sleep but not a lot, so I slept in til 8:30. I've been pretty much just going through the motions today b/c it's still there and fades in and out. I'm hoping that I will be better by 6:30 b/c I have my first BOSU Abs class at the Rec Center tonight. I might run after depending on how I feel. 

How was your weekend?
Do you get migraines? How do you deal with them?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crazy Wednesday Report

Well let's see...

My day started off wonderfully by massacring my thumb in the shower with my shampoo bottle. I'm not exactly sure how this happened but the bottle slipped and the next thing I know, I'm bleeding. Here's the damage...
Since I'm such an idiot, the damage took 2 band-aids b/c the wounds were too far apart. Doh! Please ignore the nerdy background of my thumb. :)

I came to work and played with some magnets and got some reactions started and had group meeting at 5. I was antsy the whole time b/c I knew it was going to be a long one and I wanted to get out early b/c I had a softball game in Moscow which is about a 15 min drive. We got out at 6:40. I power walked to my motorcycle, got home, let Heif out, changed, grabbed some food and was in the car by 7:03. Not bad. 

I got to the field and the game before us was only in the 5th inning of 7 so I took a little warm up run b/c I was still kinda sore from catching on Monday. It's amazing what kind of muscles you use when squatting instead of running. Weird!

I was playing catcher again. I'm feeling more comfortable in this position and it's slow pitch so nothing really crazy happens at home. Not too long into the game, our first base player had an incident and it looked like her arm was broken. I must have been gawking at something b/c I totally missed that something had happened but everyone was running toward her. It didn't look good from the start and it turns out that she fractured and dislocated her wrist! What this translates to is that Erin who was acting as our sub now, to her chagrin, has to play. 

We ended up winning with a score of something like 14-7. I got on base twice and scored once!! Yay!! It was a much better night than Monday's game except for the breakage. 

After the game, I was famished and Erin and I went to Champion's, a sports bar in Moscow, and the GB game was on! I desperately looked for Kevin Greene on the bench (he's a coach) but no luck.
Post game grainy picture
One good thing we found out about Wednesday night at Champions... it's $2.50 shot night! So I got 2 to sip on and Erin and I shared a wimpy basket of fries that was not heaping like the menu had stated.
Sandcastle (amazing!) and Green Lantern (yummy!)
Both of these drinks were new to me but very amazing. I think next time I need to try the sandcastle in a drink. Then, Erin and I went to the Bagel Shop for a duh! bagel! Erin went were her plain bad self and got one with just cream cheese. I got what was called a 'Denver'. It had egg, ham, green pepper, onion and cheese. I was planning on taking a picture but the food-gasims didn't allow for photography. 

We left about 10:20 and then it was time for bed! It was a long crazy day!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Weekend in Pictures...Kinda

First I would like to apologize b/c I didn't document the weekend as well as I could have, but I did have a lot of fun, so here goes...

Backing up to Monday that I already posted about, here is my Taco Bell dinner....mmm!
I'm still sad that they changed out the nachos for a taco but I'll get over it. 

Fast forwarding to Thursday, my friend from France, Stephanie and her mom came to Pullman to surprise everyone! We ended up leaving work early (bossman's suggestion) and went to the local restaurant that we have been frequenting for appetizers and beverages. I got my usual house gingerale and the 3 spreads and bread app that has pita, hummus, tapenade and tomato chutney. It was delish!

After the bar, I went home to chill. I watered the garden and was watching tv when Steph asked me to go to dinner with them! I haven't seen her in about 2 years, so I jumped on the chance! I had a reuben with a side salad and only ate half of my sandwich. It was quite good and the bread wasn't hard and didn't hurt the roof of my mouth like it usually does. I had a bite of some key lime cheesecake too. We said our good-byes but it was SOOOO great to see her again! Just before we left, she gave me an 'Old Dirty Bastard' donut from VooDoo Donuts in Portland. You need to go if you've never been! (I've technically never been but have had them and they are amazing!)

Friday was a busy day all around! It started with departmental pictures at 10, which I got a new one so I don't look fat in the hallway anymore. I could have retaken it before but kept it up there as a horrible reminder. Now it's gone. At 11, a bunch of us left for the All Campus Picnic that started at 11. I had a burger, fruit, potato salad and a cookie and water. It was good for what it was. Then I walked around the track and stopped at the booths that were handing out free stuff. I ended up with a poster, a cup, lots of coupons and info about stuff going on at school this semester. I walked back and it was only noon. I got some work done and left work a bit early b/c the National Lentil Festival was downtown Pullman that night.

I ended up falling asleep on the couch b/c it was quite hot but made it downtown about 5:20 and had a bowl of the 350 gallons of lentil chili that they serve every year. It's always good but is always a bit spicy. After walking around a bit, I decided on some Native American fry bread for dinner. I was like an elephant ear but thicker and just as good! Then it was late enough that I started seeing people I knew. I wandered around with them for a bit and came upon a stand that had something Erin would love!

I ended up buying a zebra and blue clutch from this stand but didn't take a picture of it. I'm sure it will appear eventually. We walked around the street fair a bit more and I ended up getting the autographs of the WSU baseball team! Boy do those kids look super young! Eeks! I ended up leaving the party about 9 b/c I was tired and had a 5K in the morning.

Saturday: I was up and moving about 7 and the race started at 8. I couldn't find my armband for my phone, so I just opted to carry it. Running at 8am is MUCH different than running at 5-6:30am. It's sooooo much hotter! This must be why I'm usually finishing my long runs at this time b/c I cook easily. The first mile was all uphill and then I was super crampy. Sadly I did walk some of the race but it was either that or a DNF. I had a time of 43 mins which is pretty horrible in my book but it served as a warm up b/c I was going to be playing softball the rest of the day. 

Asako, one of my post docs who did the race with me, and I went to Starbucks for some tea and then I drove her home b/c she walked there. I changed my clothes, checked on Heif and re-loaded my liquids and was out the door again. We didn't win any games but I had fun and it served as a good warm up for the league that Erin and I are in this fall. (I've never been in a softball league before!)
Erin batting
Chris our "coach" for the league team
After playing 3 games of softball, this is what your feet look like!
Dirt tan!!
After I cleaned up for softball, it was time to get ready for the Hillbilly Prom that Laura's band was playing at!

I had to text Laura and ask her what hillbilly makeup looked like and she was amused. I ended up with a toned down version of concert makeup and some light blue eye shadow. That's the best I could do. 

I took some pizza to Melissa's place b/c that's where we were meeting up and pre-funking. We made it to the bar just after 9 and the band started at 9. Here are some pictures from early in the night.
me, Mel, Erin

Nico, Mel, Erin, Chris

My hillbilly get-up
Sunday was the Chemistry Department BBQ and a day of recovery. Haha.

How was your weekend?
I think I've decided to not do the 10K I had planned b/c I don't feel like driving to Spokane myself when I can run around here for free.

Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm Still Alive

Hello everyone...

I just wanted to write a quick post so you knew I was still alive. A lot of fun stuff happened this weekend that I have some pictures of that I'm able to show you and I have some pictures that I won't show you. :)

I kind of fell off the planet at the end of the week but things started to look up. My only downer now is that classes have started and this means lots of meetings, attending lecture for the labs I'm teaching and seminars twice a week! YAY! I will try to post as often as I have been but that might end up slowing down depending on what's going on.

I'm working on a post for tomorrow that is a weekend recap. Until then, I have a TA meeting, Departmental Seminar, go home and let Heif out and then a softball game at 6:30. When am I gonna fit some dinner in there? I haven't figured that one out yet.

How was your weekend? Since you don't know what all I did yet! ;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Boo Grad School!

I didn't post yesterday b/c I had a very bad, horrible, no good day. Before I get into that, let's back up to Monday.

Monday after work, I met up with Erin at our lovely Hallway Mall in Moscow and was on the hunt for new jeans. My store of choice was Maurice's since I've been buying my jeans from there as of late b/c they seem to hold up much better than the Old Navy ones. Coincidence? I think not.

I ended up scoring 3 pairs of jeans. One lighter pair and 2 dark wash pairs. I even for short length ones for my stubby gams. I even had a Coupon for 20% off of my purchance, so I scored 3 pairs of jeans for about $73. Not too shabby if you ask me! And one of them was a 7/8!!! HOLLA! :)

After the mall, Erin and I headed to the Mothership that is Taco Bell. We haven't had the Bell in a while and thought we were due since we had the Hut last week and they no longer have the $6 Monday special. Boo Hut Boo! I went with the #2 which is the Grilled stuffed burrito combo that now includes a soft taco instead of the nachos, so I got a side of nachos as well. Why mess up a good thing?! And the GSB is now called XXL b/c they put guac and sour cream and probably some other stuff as well. I liked the old one but can't say I'll ever say no to the guac.

While at dinner, I checked my mail on my phone and was hit with a BOMB!!! I got an email telling me that I was assigned to a Teaching Assistantship this semester and I had been on a Research Assistantship for the past 2 years! This was pretty much a punch in the face and stomach! I fwd it to my boss asking if this was a mistake and the worry/sick feeling started... Good thing I ate my dinner before that! I made sure to drink all my Mnty Dew but don't think it made me feel any better.

I went home and stewed about the situation and went to bed early b/c I wanted to know what the freak was going on!

Tuesday: I wake up and see that I have an email from bossman at 5:30 saying that we will talk about it this morning. Not good! I get ready and go to school.

I sit down with bossman and it turns out it's not a mistake. I am TEACHING! I'm not totally upset by the fact because I like teaching. What I am upset by is that I feel I'm being punished by having to teach and later I find out that people have known for at least 2 weeks and no one told me! Totally blindsided! Then I go talk to the guy that sent me an email in the first place and plead for an organic teaching slot. I find out that they are full but there might be one slot opening up if someone gets put on an RA. Now I get to wait in the balance. Awesome! NOT!

Tuesday night, I got volunteer my time at the WSU volleyball scrimmage and learn how to do the scorekeeping and libero tracking b/c it's different than what I'm used to in USA VBall. It was fun, but I can't say that I have high hopes for the team this year, but they do have a new coach and are mostly freshmen.

Wednesday: I found out this morning that I got the organic position and all is well better in my life. I am teaching something that I'm comfortable with and have taught 3 times before. It's a 300 level class so I don't have to deal with complete idiots that you can get in 100 levels. I teach all day on Thursday and have random office hours. But nothing on Monday or Friday so my trip to Vegas is still a go and I don't have to have anyone cover for me. My trip home is another issue and I don't care b/c I was promised this vacation in May and

Ok. I think I am done venting. I think. It's just another hoop for me to jump through so I can graduate. I think after all of my fun ends in October, I'm going to be a hermit so I can write up and get the flock out of P-town!

Anyone else out there hating grad school right now or have an experience like this?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Crazy Weekend #2

Hello all!
It was a busy/crazy weekend as I had predicted, but it was good!

Friday: I went home and made a batch of chicken and shrimp fajitas with mushrooms, green peppers and onions. I doctored them up on the tortilla with RF refried beans, WW cheese and light sour cream, oh so much sour cream! :)
Not pretty, but delicious!
I was planning on having 2 of those bad boys but was stuffed after one! Then, I got all sorts of domestic and made 2 loaves of zucchini bread with applesauce that turned out amazing! I gave half a loaf to my new neighbor, Lisa, and ate the other half of that loaf myself Friday night (it was all eaten before I remember to take a picture)! Later, I gathered all my stuff for my early start to get my long run + 5K in.

Saturday: My alarm went off at 5:30. I gathered my fuel and drink and donned my spandex outfit ( I looked hot! haha)! I was in the car and on my way to moscow by 6:15ish and was warmed up and on the trail by about 6:30. I was thinking about doing 7 on the trail and rounding out to 10 with the 5K after but there aren't and 0.5 mile markers, so I just went to 4 and came back. 

It was a bit of a struggle and I cramped til about 3.5 but then I went into autopilot mode and was good for the rest of the way back to my car. I did the 8 miles in 1:45 with a 12:04/mile pace, which was even slower than last week. Ugg! I hope to get my speed back up here soon! I got back to my car, popped my nuun tab into my waterbottle with water and drank it. I have the Tropical flavor and can't really say that I'm a fan of this one.

I walked over the the registration table for the Dash for Cash 5k that was a fundraiser for the United Way in Latah County. I got my shirt and number and entered to win an ipad. I dropped my extra stuff off at the car and when I was back Erin and her cousin were there, followed by her mom. We waited around a bit and the race finally started about 10 mins late. I totally forgot to grab my camera. Oops!

I started out pretty good but was going too fast (about a 10min pace) and my legs got angry. I was going strong for about a mile and needed a walk break. I did good until right before the turn around where the water station was. I swear they were giving out only thimble sized cups of water! I should have taken 2! I made the turn and little cousin was there and asked me to wait up for her. I did and then she didn't want to run anymore, so I took off. I ran a good part of the way and needed a walk break. I was cursing myself for not taking my fuelbelt with me that still had some powerade in it from my 8 miler and had my fuel. I could have used some fuel at mile 2! I didn't have any, so I walked. I was able to pick it back up til the end and finished with a miserable 5K time of 46:52. 

After the race, I downed about 15 orange slices and a banana. I was given a water bottle and filled that with gatorade twice and water once. There were cookies but I was good and refrained. Erin's mom won time in a money booth! We stood around and talked for a while and then Erin and I went to the Farmers' Market. I went to my usual stand and they didn't have any of their tomato herb bread so I bought some of their onion/dill bread which is not as good but still very yummy! I also bought a cinnamon roll b/c I thought I deserved it and some cherries for $1/lb but they ended up not being so good. I think the cherry season is about done.

I came home and coma-ed for a while. I got to watch diving and skateboarding. I finally regrouped enough to shower and un-stinkify myself. I then did my good deed for the day and picked up a new first year grad student that is sans car and took him to Moscow so he would get internet, stuff to eat off of (plates) and stuff to eat with (silverware). I even scored some necklaces, nail polish and a dog hair rake for Heif!

I dropped him off and went home to coma some more on the couch. Then it was time to get ready for the Jackson Blue show! Here are some poor pictures b/c it was SUPER dark in the bar!
Laura rocking our socks off

Jackson Blue

Guitarist, Tell, with his glow-in-the-dark strings
I was a good friend and stayed til close even though I could have totally fallen asleep at 11:30! They did a great job at their first John's Alley show! I went home and collapsed into bed about 3am!

Sunday: My alarm went off at 8 and I snoozed it at least 3 times. I decided I was going to get up and got ready. I grabbed some breakfast and was on my way to Starbucks for some tea before 9. I got my cup of love and on my way out saw a lovely line of sorostitutes stretching out the door. I had gotten there just in time! Then it was off to Merry Cellars!

I decided that I was going to help bottle my favorite kind of wine that Merry Cellars makes, which is called Dolce Vita. It's a blackberry grape wine that is sweet like drinkable candy! YUMM! I got to take pictures of the process!
The first part of the process

Emtpy, disinfected bottles ready to be filled
Filling bottles. Does this remind anyone else of milking a cow?
Cork time!
Corked bottles ready for the wax!
Waxing the caps to make them look fancy!
Cooling the hot wax
Finished product but without labels
All those boxes are full!
I think we did about 210 cases with 12 bottles in each case! I was there from 9:15-4:15 and we took a break for lunch and the winery fed us! It was a great day and I learned a lot and "got paid" with 3 bottles of wine. Thank you very much!

I came home and filled up Heif's baby pool and did lovely things around the house like pick up dog poop and clean the litter box and ran the Kirby. My house doesn't look as much as a disaster area as it once did! The dishes are my next feat to tackle! Ugg!

What did you do this weekend? 
What Nuun flavor do you like best? B/c the Tropical isn't working for me. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Day Before Crazy Weekend #2

Hello everyone!!

Before Steak Night, Melissa, Erin and I went and got our toes did. The other ladies got full pedis, where as I just got a color change. I was over my chipped hooker red and was envious of Erin's electric blue toes, so that's what I got. Blue is my favorite color, btw, if you didn't know. Please excuse my Hobbit feet.

Steak night was everything I was hoping that it would be! I didn't take any pictures b/c we were by some weird neon red sign that made everything look like it was funny colors but you can see what steak night is all about here. I only had 3 cookies. I had to try one of each flavor! Duh!
I saw this on the way out the door! :)
Here are the pictures of the goodies from my Walmart trip that I promised you. Yumm-O!

Also, yesterday I got my awesome deal compression socks by Zoot in the mail!!!! I ordered them from and they were regularly $60 but on clearance for $20 and I found a 10% off code online to bring them down to $17 something! One awesome thing I learned about RW is that they have free 2-day shipping in the 48 states! No one does that! Or so I think. Since I have ginormous calves that are 17" around, I needed a size IV and I got the blue and white ones b/c I figured that would be better looking than my black old man socks. I tried them on last night

I think it's funny that they have a L and an R sock. I guess I thought I could figure this out on my own, but maybe not? I tried them on and they didn't feel like they were squeezing the life out of my legs that I sometime feel with the old man socks. So what did I do? I slept in them! They were heavenly and I'm looking forward to wearing them on my long run + 5K tomorrow.

With that, tomorrow I have the start of my Fall Race Madness. I have a 5K this weekend called the Dash for Cash which is a fundraiser for the local United Way. I'm hoping for a good time b/c I'm going to warm up for it with a 7 or 10 miler, depending on how saucy I feel in the morning.

Saturday night, Jackson Blue, my friend Laura's band, is playing at one of the popular live band bars in Moscow, ID called John's Alley. I'm trying to get as many bodies in that place as I can!

Sunday, I've decided to take a chill day at least for the afternoon and have an Emma Stone movie marathon at the theater. I'm going to see 'The Help' at 12:00 and then see 'Crazy, Sexy, Love' at 3:30. I can't say this was an original idea b/c I totally stole it from Cely @ Running Off the Reese's.I will be going to the movies with her in spirit b/c Texas is too hot and too far away!

After the movies, I'm not sure what my plan is but maybe just to relax b/c the new first year students come to town and start TA training on Monday. *evil laugh* It's definitely a right of passage but ends up being a poopy jam packed week of stupid crap to do and then you get to start the craziness that are classes. Yay grad school!

What are you doing this weekend? Any races out there?
I'm officially T- one month until I get to go home for my first real vacation away from P-town in about a year and a half and my first 1/2 Marathon with my mom!!! I hope I can be productive in this next month and maybe get my paper done and make bossman happy before I leave. :D

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Steak Night...Again!

Yes ladies and gents... tonight I will again be attending steak night! Who's excited and has two thumbs? This girl!

Nothing exciting happened yesterday. I did go to Walmart after I got home from group meeting and did snag some good finds. Did I forget to take pictures of said finds? Yes I did, but I will try to make up with pictures tomorrow.

I got cilantro, lemons, limes, WW frozen blocks of food, veggie burgers (to try them out), pre-packaged chicken, shrimp eggrolls  that were only 110 calories and 2 g of fat!, milk, broccoli,  CHOCOLATE Whipped Cream in a can(!!!!), regular whipped cream in a can, the tp that I was main there after and zipper quart baggies.

On my way out I spotted a reduced section. If you know me, you know that I am a bargain whore! I ended up with 3 different kinds of salsa @ 1.50 ea, a packet of organic roasted banana baby food (I just wanted to try it!) @ .48, fruit shaped and flavored marshmallows @ .78, FiberOne blueberry muffin mix @ 2.00, a box of roasted corn and a box of vegetable soup @ 2.00 ea, and a box of cheezits @ 1.00.

I probably didn't need any of those things but I couldn't say no and some of them I just wanted to try! I forgot to show you these lovelies that I picked up the other day.
Anyone jealous? :)
I came home and unpacked my goods. I chopped up the broccoli and cauliflower that I had, sprayed it down with olive oil and roasted it in the oven for 18 mins. I was planning on making a salmon packet with mushrooms and onions but when I opened the salmon it didn't smell so good! Poop! It went into the garbage and instead I had a shrimp eggroll and pretzels and salsa for dinner. I did have a few roasted green and white trees after they were done too! Quite yummy! I think I only have the pineapple left from my produce explosion to chop up and eat. I'm still bummed about the icky salmon. I had big plans for that thing!

After dinner, I watered the garden and it was about 9pm. I totally could have gone to bed then but decided I needed to un-channel my 80 year old self and stay up a little later. I would have really liked a cup of tea but not the idea of being up a bajillion times in the night having to potty! I decided that 10pm was an ok bedtime. It was only ok if I got up at 5 and went running in the morning. So, I set my alarm and went to bed.

I didn't have tea but still had to go at 4am. Crap! I had a hard time getting back to sleep and when my alarm went off at 5, I hit snooze a few times and then just gave up and turned it off. I decided if I was that tired, my body needed the sleep more than it needed the sweat. I did have good intentions though.

Do you ever have old lady nights? Do you try and work out in the mornings then to combat this? I'm still not big into early morning workouts during the week but I don't mind it on the weekend b/c I can go back to sleep after I'm done. H

How do you people do it?!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I was hoping to run yesterday but my calves still hurt when I walked, so I figured that running was probably a bad idea. It makes me wonder how many "calf raises" I did while I was bouncing up and down at the concert for my legs to be THAT sore for 2 days! Geesh! Well, if you think about it, I was bouncing from 7:30-11. That's a lot of calf raises! :)

Instead of running, I took a nap on my couch and then a friend wanted to go for froyo and I couldn't say no. This is what I had.
Cake batter/pb swirl froyo with strawberries, graham cracker dust, raspberries, mango, kiwi, mochi and marshmallow syrup that I kind of overflowed it with!!!

After froyo it was 9:30, so I just went home and was old and a total lame-o and put on my jammies. I don't even think I watched any tv before going to bed. No I lied. I watched the end of Master Chef and Gordon Ramsey kissed the dude that they kicked off! I was surprised too!

I would like to run tonight but I think being an adult and buying toilet paper might be more important tonight. I hate how being an adult gets in the way of life. I would much rather go running than tool around the Walmart and make dinner. Getting old sucks if you ask me!

On a brighter note, Erin and some friends are going to STEAK NIGHT tomorrow! Sadly, Laura can't go b/c she's going to Seattle for some nerdy History conference but will be back in time for her Jackson Blue show on Saturday. Anyone want to come? It's at John's Alley in Moscow! :)

Did you watch any good tv last night? Withoug the BL and Parenthood, I feel kind of lost on Tuesdays. I'm ready for real tv to come back! Or that could just be one of the repercussions I have with only having 20 channels. :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Free Pop

Yesterday I was pretty good and worked on the nerd research paper that I'm working on. I have my introduction section approved by my post doc and we went over the draft of the experimental and results sections yesterday. I felt much better coming out of this meeting than the first one that I left. I feel like I am getting more comfortable with scientific writing and what and how stuff is supposed to look and sound like. It's soooo much easier to critique other papers but it is another beast to actually write them!

A little after 3, a guy with a cooler came into our office. He was from one of the local radio stations and brought us free pepsi products! I am all on top of stuff that's free or discounted if you didn't know yet, now you do! In the cooler were some limited edition Mnty Dews.
They definitely weren't as good as the real deal but I drank the strawberry melon one. The grape one was just kinda gross. That one got dumped. 

After work, I went home to take care of Heif and then met Erin in Moscow at the Pizza Hut! It turns out that the internet lied and the $6 Monday Special is now over. We ended up with the $8 one topping Med option. I had shrooms and Erin had pepperoni. Of course we washed it down with Mnty Dew! What else could you drink when Pepsi products are around?!

After the Hut, we met a man about signing up for a co-ed softball league. Erin got roped in and was gonna do it with her cousin but she got preggers with twins so Erin asked me to fill in. Softball is by no means my sport of choice, but I have been known to hit and catch a ball once in a while. I think I'm just excited to meet some new people. I will keep you posted. Games start in 2 weeks.

Since we met the man, I was late in getting home for the Bachelor Pad. What I saw of last night, I was kind of disappointed. There were a couple people that I didn't even know who they were and then there were douchy people like Vienna and Kasey. Does anyone else not like them too?

I liked the challenge b/c I'm sure it's harder than it looks to hold your body weight up in the air for any period of time. I don't think I have any favorites yet but I can tell you that the older lady with the skin colored bedazzled dress needs to go! That was just not pretty!!

What did you think of the B Pad? I have a feeling that we are in for some good explosions and I think Ames seemed all innocent and cute compared to the other people. If you didn't watch it last night, look away now. I'm SOOOOO glad that "the Wrestler" is gone already! I don't know how much more I could have handled him!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend + Concert

Friday: I was lame and hung out at home but went to bed early b/c I was getting up early to get my long run in for the week.

Saturday: My alarm went off at 4:30 but it was still to dark to do anything so I hit the snooze a few times. I got up and ate my protein oats and got my fuel and liquids together. I was on my way to the Chipman Trail and the bank thermometer said it was 50 degrees! It turns out that you can see your breath when it's 50 out and that's REALLY cold when you are running in a tank top. My goal was to do 11 miles but by the time I got to the 5 mile mark my legs were still crampy and I didn't want to go any further. I felt like I was running through pudding b/c my legs were really heavy and I was only running a 11:30 pace instead of my average 10:30 that I had done the weekend before. I just trudged along and finished my 10 miles in 2:14. I felt good when I was done and ever happier to just be done. I was glad that I have now gotten in 2 long runs in 2 weekends in a row!

I drove home, showered, put on my bathing suit and slathered myself in SPF 85 and laid on my bed and took a mini nap until I heard from Erin. I met her and her nephew at the Starbucks b/c I was in desperate need of a cup of tea.  I got my tea and we walked around the Farmers' Market while I had my HOT old man compression socks on with my clogs! Ha! I ended up with my awesome breakfast sandwich, a pesto pizza and a berry scone from the bakery place and got 2 zucchini and 2 yellow squash b/c they were 2 for $1. Not sure what I'm making with them but I predict some zucchini bread or muffins in my near future!

We left the market and then went to an Esate sale. I found a mini crockpot to make nacho cheese in, 2 shot glasses for measuring purposes and a nut grinder. I was hoping for some new-to-me cookie sheets but I'm guessing we missed out on those. After the sale, we were off to the water park! We arrived 15 minutes after it opened and stayed til about 3. I got nice and pink but b/c of my SPF slathering did not burn. YAY! I think the freckle explosion that is my body is now preventing the burnage.

I came home and changed and took another mini nap and waited for 5pm to roll around. I was meeting up with some new biker friends and we were going to ride to Moscow to go to an event called Hogfest that is a cancer fundraiser. Here are our bikes.

We ended up going to Gambino's after and I had an awesome Italian salad with flatbread that soaked up the dressing! It was good! Then, we went to Jamms for froyo. I tried this new topping called "mochi" which is a japanese marshmallow made from rice, I am told. They are delicate and yummy! A new favorite topping to add!

I came home and it was about 9 and I was pretty much pooped for the day!

Sunday: Today is concert day!! I had to dynamite myself out of bed at 9:30 so I could take a shower and do my concert makeup before I had to meet Erin in Moscow at 11:30. We were going down early b/c Erin has recently acquired a contact with the Touring Manager, Tyler, of the band Adelitas Way, which happens to be one of our favorite bands! AWESOME!! We happened to see the van just as we were getting into Lewiston. We let the boys get to the venue and get settled while we went up the hill to try a new to us froyo place. It didn't have as many flavors or toppings as Jamms but was still good!

We got word that things had settled and went back to the venue. The band boys decided on fast food, so we took Tyler to Zany Graze! I had the California chicken burger and sadly could only eat half. Curse you froyo this one time! After food, we went down to the river to put our feet in and then decided it smelled and there was too much skin exposed on other people that shouldn't be, so we left. We went back to the venue and just hung out til the show started. 

We got to meet some of the AW guys, especially the lead singer, Rick, who used to be a Chippendale dancer. *insert drool here* All of the guys were nice and it was fun to say that I hung out with famous rock stars! We even say the Hinder guys walk across the grass to the holding area before the doors opened to the public. We were able to snag the rail front and center and waited til 7:30 for the first band.
Concert time!!! YAY!!

The show opened with 9 Left Dead, who in my opinion weren't that bad but boy were they funny looking!
Next up was Egypt Central, which I thought I had only heard one of their songs but was mistaken and they were really good! And nice to look at!! :)

Hello abs!!!!
Then it was AW's turn! I was sad b/c you could hardly hear the vocals and I don't know their new album that well but that didn't take away from the show. Oh! And there were these older ladies next to us that totally threw Victoria's Secret thongs on to the stage!!!

Can you see the Chippendale in his past?! :)
Then Hinder, the headliner, came on. I have seen them a few times in the past and have been disappointed every time. This time, I was 3 feet from them and enjoyed every minute!!

He may be skinny, but I think he's cute!

We hung out with Tyler after the show b/c he was working the merch booth and I got Egypt Central to sign their set list that I got! Erin drove me back to my car and I was home and in bed by 1:10am. Needless to say, I am walking funny from sore calves from bouncing/rocking all night and am tired. It's going to be an early night for me!

Have you heard of any of these bands before?

Want to go to the 48 Hours Festival with me and Erin? AW is playing there too! We might get to meet some more bands! *girly giggle*