Friday, April 29, 2011

Today's the day!

I think I might be too excited to work but am going to anyways. Today is the day that my weekend-ish (Friday-Tuesday) of fun/crazy begins! :) Tonight I get to see these guys at the Knitting Factory in Spokane, WA which is a 1500 person venue and it's sold out!
Lead singer of Papa Roach, Jacoby

Then, Saturday I am sleeping in/recoving from the concert tonight. Getting my stuff for Bloomsday packed and heading up to Spokane to spend the night so I don't have to drive up Sunday at the crack of morning. I'm excited to go to the Race Expo b/c I didn't go to it last year. I also get to see my old boss and his Great Pyrenees puppy! Then it's to bed early to rest up for the big day. I got put into the Blue start for the race, which is where I was last year and am going to try and get to move up b/c there are WAY too many people walking that you have to weave through if you're running. NOT COOL! My time last year was 1:56:10, so anything I do better than that will we awesome! Last year I tanked pretty hard after mile 5 and I think I will have more gas left in me this year since I've been doing longer distances. Last year, Bloomsday was only my 2nd race ever. I feel more confidant and more experienced about this one!

You can go here to check out the starting system for the race. They use chip timing which is nice b/c your time doesn't start til YOU cross the starting line and doesn't finish til YOU cross the finish line. There are people who take pictures of you while you're running too. Last year there weren't any good ones of me but maybe this year I'll be more lucky and need to buy one. I'm also going to try and take pictures while I'm running but am no where near as skilled as Skinny Runner

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blahs are taking over

Welp, it's Thursday and I have a major case of the blahs! I was pretty much a total bum last night aside from scoring a major stash of 50% off easter candy. I got a few chocolate covered peeps! They were really good! I think I had heard of them before but didn't think they were real. SCORE! Then I just hung out at home, changing channels between American Idol and the Royal Wedding Preview. Then I watched the first hour of 'The Voice' that I had missed the night before and ended up watching PBS til about 11. PBS was pretty interesting. The show was about a son trying to learn about his mother who was a Jew in WWII times in the Ukraine and how she escaped at 10 and now that she is older, she has some weird habits and mannerisms b/c of what she went through. They were comparing that population of people with the Katrina survivors in New Orleans and how PTSD was a major factor but they didn't know anything about it in the 1940s. I guess I learned something last night.

This morning, I totally DID NOT want to get out of bed. I woke up at the last possible minute and then ran around like a crazy person getting ready, packing my lunch, making tea and eating breakfast. Everything ended up ok and I was on time for the bus. It was crazy cold and windy this morning. The bank thermometer that I go past in the morning said it was 33 at about 8:40 this morning! Yuck! So we're about 3 days away from May and it's still that cold here! I'm sooooo ready for spring! Then I can ride my motorcycle to school and not have to wait for the stinking bus in the cold!

I'm excited for this weekend! Maybe that's why I have the blahs. Starting tomorrow, my life is going to be so fun and exciting for a few days that work is just totally underwhelming. Possibly! I just need to get through the rest of this day and then bounce around tomorrow til it's time to go!

Tonight, I am 100% going to the gym. I thought about it last night but was worried that gyming it 2 nights in a row would tire me out. I need to save all my energy for the concert and then, BLOOMSDAY! I'm wondering what will be a reasonable time to shoot for, since I want to do better than last year and I am faster, but I do have all the people to weave through to worry about.

Ok. Enough jibbering. Back to evaporating and enjoying the sunshine through my window. :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Taco Bell!

Yes! The mother ship did call to me! I was bad and didn't go to the gym last night. Partly because my legs were still kinda dead from my run on Sunday and the fact that Erin thought about going to Taco Bell for dinner! I haven't had the TB since February, when we went after our last A7X concert and then I got sick from it! That's what I get from cheating on my Moscow TB!! Here are the goods! I had a grilled stuft chicken burrito combo that comes with nachos and cheese, a potato soft taco and the nectar that is Mountainy Dew!
Also, there were some new packets of sauce! Note the green ones (Salsa Verde) and the dark red (Fire roasted chipotle)! The new sauces were really good and gave lots of flavor! I was also impressed with the new packaging. Does any one know when they started using the new stuff?

After we were done eating, Erin and I sat there and chatted til 9:51! I don't know where the time goes when we get to talking, but it just zooms by! Then I went home, put cream on Heif and went to bed. 

In other news, I thought I would give you an update on my "garden" or the collection of pots that will be my garden. My seeds are sprouting and seem to be doing well. I have sugar snap peas, beets and lettuce sprouted. My pepper plants that I got from the Mom's Weekend Horticulture Club sale are doing very well but my tomato plants seem kinda sick. I'm thinking that they aren't getting enough sun in the room I have them.  I will work on putting them outside more, but the wind has been so strong lately I'm worried about them being ripped to shreds. Anyone have any gardening advice? It's been too cold to plant them in the garden yet, so I've just left them in the pots.
Assorted pepper and tomato plants

My seedlings

Have a great day! :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I think I am in love with my old man compression socks that I got at the Walmart for $13!!! I am contributing my speedy recovery to them and the bags of frozen vegetables from my freezer that I covered my legs in to make them feel better. My quads are still a bit sore today but nothing compared to my old lady-ness that was yesterday.

Last night, I was a complete bum and it was awesome! I came home in a blustery wind/rain storm and then just hung out inside all night. The rain did let up but the wind was still going strong this morning. Ugg! The only productive thing I did last night was wash my dishes because I couldn't stand looking at them any longer and my counter space was quickly diminishing... I absolutely HATE doing dishes! It was one of my childhood chores and now I put it off to the very last minute. I do have a dish washer but have only used the thing about a half dozen times in the 4 years I've lived in my place. I don't really like using it either.
I had leftover chicken and brussel sprouts and a WW popscicle. I watched DWTS and Law & Order: LA and put cream on Heif while watching and went to bed.

Yep, I'm boring, but sometimes you need it to balance out the craziness!
Speaking of craziness... the Papa Roach concert is Friday, Bloomsday (12K race) is Sunday and the Hollywood Undead concert is Tuesday! There will be lots of pictures coming your way b/c it's going to be super fun and I'm really excited about seeing all of these guys on a smaller stage! WOOOOO! :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

I did it!!!

Yesterday, I completed my goal of running 10 miles! I did it at a grandma's pace but finished in 2:33. My first 5 miles was with a tailwind and I did it in 1:12. Coming back was with a head wind and it totally slowed me down and I felt like my whole body was drying out! I left my water bottle in the car! Bad plan! After I was done, I limped into the house, had a glass of milk, an apple and a banana to recover and covered my legs in various frozen vegetables. Then I showered and got ready for the Nash group Easter Extravaganza! I took my 24 Hour salad (marshmallow fruit salad) and there was beer can chicken, ham, spicy roast beef, mashed potatoes, cheesy potatoes,green beans, sliced pineapple. For dessert, there was cheesecake, apple pie and something else. I only had cheesecake. I went home about 10, iced again and went to bed.

Friday: Since I won't be going to the Chemistry Banquet on Friday because I'm going to see Papa Roach instead, Erin and I dressed up and went to the GPSA Soiree. It was fun! there was plenty of light fare and desserts and water/punch. We danced to the Fabulous Kingpins all night and then went out to the bar because we weren't ready for the night to be over since we were dressed up.
Me and Erin all snazzed!

Saturday: I was up at 8 and out the door at 8:45 to go work the WSU Outdoor Track Meet. It was a beautiful day but was a little windy, so it was a little chilly. I worked the javelin and did not get stabbed with one! I guess WSU has the nation's leading female javelin thrower because she gets to wear a black track outfit to signify this. I though that was pretty cool! Here is my view from the javelin.

After the track meet, I was a little sun and wind burned and went home, ate my free lunch, and took a nap on the couch. I got up and got ready to go to the McNair Banquet and Stole Ceremony. It was great seeing these scholars get ready for their next chapter of their journey and made me hope/think about finishing next year and seeing where I will end up! It's exciting but kind of scary at the same time!

Now, off to work so I can graduate! :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Furry Children Friday #3

Good morning! It is not snowing and it's actually sunny today. That is good news considering the weather we've had this week.

Last night I did a hill workout on the treadmill b/c my piece of crap ipod had a dead battery. I ended up doing 4.88 miles in an hour and then went to my BOSU Abs class. I got a delicious drink from the Ecowell machine (lemonade, cranberry, apple, recovery stuff) that didn't even make it to my car from walking from the gym. I came home and made dinner. On Tuesday, I roasted a chicken in a cooking bag with lemon juice and rosemary and last night was the first time I was able to sit down and try it! I paired it will brussel sprouts b/c I'm addicted to them and my chai tea latte as my recovery drink!

I sat down and watched the rest of AI, which I didn't watch it the night before, but results shows are always suspenseful. Then I waited for CSI and it was a rerun, so I watched Grey's. It could have been a rerun but since I don't usually watch it, it was a good show. I watched the 10pm news and put cream on Heif and cleaned his ears and went to bed.

Now on to FCF, I though we could check in on Heif and see how he's healing. His hair is still kinda spotty, but it's growing back in! The hair around some of his over patches is falling out b/c I think the crusties killed the hair follicle. But I guess the overall message is that he's getting better, even if he's cost me a small fortune in getting him where he is now. Poor kid! Here are some update pictures.
Still patchy, but getting better

Do you see his foot in the bowl he's cleaning?

I think he's smiling, but his head is patchy...

Lastly, I made a Hungry Girl Egg Mug for breakfast and wanted to share!

Ingredients: 2 handfuls of spinach, few tbps of chopped mushrooms and green onions, 1 Laughing Cow cheese wedge, 1/2 c. liquid egg substitute, non-stick spray, mug.

Spray the mug, add veggies and microwave for 2 mins. Add egg and microwave for 1 min, stir. Add cheese microwave for 1 min stir. Enjoy! And it's only 3 points! Woo breakfast!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Snow again?!

Good morning, I guess?! Yup! It's snowing again here in Pullman and has reduced my motivation to less than zero, so I thought a post was better than starting to work just yet. 

Last night after group meeting, which was awesomely short (out by 6:15), I met Erin at the Hallway Mall in search of possibly a dress or cute black heels to wear the the GPSA Gala on Friday. I ended up only buying a cup of tea from Starbucks but Erin got a cute dress from Maurice's. I was debating some cute hooker-ish shoes from Ross but after standing in them for 10 mins they hurt my feet so they were out, even for $20. 

Then Erin and I decided we needed something. We were thinking FroYo b/c we've been on a Freshens kick lately and decided that only Baskin Robbins would have the goods in Moscow. We went to BR and ended up with the goods and sooooo much more! This is what we got...

Brownie Sundae

Brownie Sundae!!!   Mine had vanilla FroYo and Fudge Brownie ice cream with marshmallow topping, with whipped cream, nuts and a cherry! After chatting in the parking lot for a while, I went home, watched some tv, took the blue scrub to Heif and went to bed. 

Now, today I get to run off my ice cream induced sleep! WOO! 


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Someone Famous

Last night, I met someone you could call famous if you've ever endured Grad School. This is the author of PhD Comics and has kept many people sane and not feeling alone in the abyss that is grad school. His name is Jorge Cham and he was pretty funny! I even got my 2 books signed and got a picture with him! He was super nice and normal, for being a nerdy type person.
It's a little dark, but you get the idea!

That, now too big for me coat, looks really hot!

I even got my own little cartoon!

After the talk, I walked to my car, which was parked at the dentist's office. Drove home, let Heif out, changed in a fury and went back to campus to go to the gym. I made it to my BOSU Abs class with about 5 min to spare! I'm glad I went b/c I felt better after doing it! I was a little bummed that I didn't run, but don't think I had it in me.

Tonight, I'm going shopping with Erin in hopes of an outfit/new shoes for a dress up night/ GPSA Spring Gala on Friday. Hopefully Group Meeting doesn't go til 7pm this week!

...and I'm off to the organic lab!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Snow on the Palouse!

That's right! It's April 19 and I woke to my car covered in snow. :( Needless to say I wasn't happy about this, because it means that I'm still that far away from getting to ride the motorcyle. In better news, it's supposed to be 60 degrees on Saturday, so maybe there's hope.

Last night, I had my last GPSA meeting of the year. It turned into a big love fest of thanking everyone for their work over the year. The food was good and with that being over, I'm that much closer to getting paid for the semester! :) After the meeting, I met up with Erin to watch "The Day after Tomorrow" for extra credit for her Geology class. I had never seen the movie before, so it was kind of fun to look at the scientific stuff vs. the Hollywood-ized stuff. The inner nerd in me was happy. Then I went home and watched the end of DWTS. I got to see Maks with no shirt on! :) It was quite nice! Then I watched the Barbara Walters' special on the upcoming Royal Wedding. I was once in love with Prince William, but I think that was when he had all of his hair. I'm excited for Kate, but wouldn't want that job! Good luck to both of them. Now, I'm kind of understanding all of the hype when Diana and Charles were married.

Tonight, I'm going to listen to Jorge Cham, the author of the PhD Comics. He's going to give a talk and then sign books. Good thing I remembered to bring my books to school today! I'm going to try and get a picture with him but I don't know how possible that will be. I'm still a little sore from running on Sunday, so if I don't have enough time to run tonight I won't be overly upset, but I want to go to my BOSU Abs class b/c I missed on Thursday. Hopefully my plans work out accordingly.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Nerd Herd in Action

Yesterday was the big day! The WSU 100K Relay & Solo. I can't say that I actually saw any of the crazy brave solo runners, but there were quite a few teams at Relay exchange 7, where I started. It was about 48 and sunny but it was WICKED windy! As you can see here from my "I am cold!" pose.
Chris (Leg #7) and I exchanged high five's and off I went!
That is my white shirt/black butt after the exchange.

Me running next to a wheat field.

The scenery was pretty but my mouth was parched from all the wind drying me out. This nice paved road turned into a gravel road. When cars passed by, I got the pleasure to be covered in road dust! But I finally made it to the exchange point, with a time of about 1:20, which was 10 minutes slower than I had guessed. I don't think that's bad since I was running against 20+mph winds the whole time. Eh.
I look like I'm speed walking!

Then I got to drive the car while Roger (Leg #9) and Kirk (Leg #10) ran. Here is their exchange and Kirk finishing.

Then there was BBQ because we actually had 3 teams racing. There was a Kids team of Middle/High School kids, the Adult team- Angry Birds, and then the Fulmer Hall Team - Nerd Herd.
As a team we finished at 5:39PM, which was one minute faster than planned! WOO!!!

Today I am sore and hobbling with the usual "Someone kicked me in the butt" feeling. Today is a rest day. Tomorrow I plan on going light and then a week and I half to train for the 12K Bloomsday on May 1 in Spokane!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Needs Dynamite!

Good morning everyone!

Since it is Saturday and I'm posting, that means I'm at work and was successful at dynamiting myself out of bed this morning! Wee! Not really. I need to start working Sat's more consistently so I can graduate. Since my talk with the Boss Man, I have decided that I will come in on the weekend and work on getting this paper written. If I get anything else done, that will just be a bonus. I have the office to myself and Rock 104 streaming over the internet from home. What more could I need to be motivated?!

Last night was super fun! Erin and I did a few errands for me (movie to Redbox, deposit Vball check that took 2 months to get to me), and then we went to Basillio's, an Italian place in Pullman. I had the Spinach Lasagna thinking that it would be a healthier choice...WRONG! The cheese to spinach ratio was about 750:1. I could still taste the spinach and the dish was very tasty, but the cheese coated my innards and I could only finish about half of it! But I did have 2 glasses of iced tea with lemon and splenda b/c I had only had 1 cup of tea for the day and needed to feed my addiction. Then we went and let Heif out and then to the Dollar Store for contraband candy. I got Sour Patch Kids, Twizzlers and Werther's. We went to the theater and saw 'Arthur' with Russell Brand. It was surprisingly hilarious! I had never seen any of his other work, but am now a fan! I ate most of my Sour Patch Kids and a few Twizzlers.
It was about 9 when the movie let out and Erin took me home. I turned on Dateline b/c it was Friday and I had to be old. The first half was good. Not sure about the second half b/c I fell asleep and the next thing I knew Jay Leno was on. OOPS! Told you I was old!

Tonight I have a GWIS (Graduate Women in Science) mixer to try and get to know the new members and then a 100K team potluck so we can get out bibs and get all the info for tomorrow's race! I'm a little bummed I didn't get my run in yesterday, but hopefully this will mean that I'm fully rested for Sunday. I'm thinking that Sunday Bootcamp isn't going to happen this week. Maybe I'll just go to BOSU since my legs are gonna be dead.

Have a great weekend! Hopefully it's nice where you are and not dreary and threatening of rain like it is here!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Furry Children Friday #2

Last night I was mentally exhausted from all the stress I put on myself, so I didn't feel up to going to the gym. Instead, I rented a movie from the Redbox for 50 cents (there was a special), had Shake 'n Bake chicken and edamame for dinner and then fell asleep on the couch during Jeopardy! I = boring and old! I woke up about 9:30, just enough time to watch my movie. I rented 'Love & Other Drugs'. It was good but definitely not what the previews portrayed it as. It ended up that Anne Hathaway's character had Parkinson's Disease at 20-something. Disclaimer: There is lots of naked Jake Gyllenhall butt and Anne Hathaway's boobs. This is totally not a kid friendly movie, but still super cute.

Now on to the kids...
Today, I will focus on my cat Imine. Her name is nerdy and means a carbon double bonded to a nitrogen, but sounds totally feminine right?! I rescued her from the Moscow shelter and she was actually a birthday gift to me from my friend Jessie. She is part Siamese and likes to do weird things, like this weird chatter at birds through the window or bugs that she's hunting. She also likes to find stuff to sit in. She likes but is not limited to sitting in boxes.
Baby Imine-- She looks so little!

She loves her scratching post!

Who needs a box, when you have a bowl to sit in!

PS. It is halfway though April and I still haven't ridden this to school (or anywhere else) yet! :(

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ups & Downs

Wow! If grad school isn't an emotional roller coaster, I don't know what is! Last night, it was my turn to present my research from the last month. I can't say that it was a stellar performance and I didn't present everything I've been working on b/c I didn't want to bore everyone, since the organic was going to do that enough. But it ended up seeming like I did next to nothing in a month's time. Poop on toast!

I walked to my car, talking to my Mom of my woes and she couldn't make me feel better. I went home and ate a frozen block of food and still not feeling better, which left me with 2 points left for the day. I really wanted to run to make me feel better but knew that my body wouldn't be happy with me and that I need to do less so I have enough strength to finish my leg of the 100K strong. So, at 8:30 I drove to the Papa Murphy's which is essentially in my driveway and bought some of their cookie dough! I should would have walked but it was raining. I came home and ate my cookie dough with a cup of tea while watching Idol, and then my tummy hurt! Not such a good plan. I ended up falling asleep on the couch til almost 11, woke up, got ready for bed and actually went to sleep in my bed.

I got up this morning feeling rested but with a pit in my stomach. I knew I was going to have to talk to my boss and felt like the end of the world was near. I put my head down and started my pH measurements and just before lunch saw I had an email from the boss saying we needed to talk. I ate my lunch in silence and then went to see him. *cue the Death March* I ended up talking to him for over an hour and I feel better about everything. The next week will decide how I proceed with the remainder of my PhD, but doing synthesis for others to test the ligands isn't the end of the world.

Since I'm feeling better about life, here's a beautiful tidbit! :) Off to the gym tonight. Planning on doing a nice easy 5K to prepare for the race on Sunday!
M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold
Isn't he dreamy?! Look at those arms! Woo!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Great White Wednesday

Yesterday, in the mail I got.... MY CAMERA BATTERIES! Now I can slather pictures all over my blog instead of boring you with just words! :)

Last night before going to the gym, I decided to release THE GREAT WHITE!!!!!
My blindingly white legs.

I did 4.38 miles around the indoor track at the gym last night. I could say I was running, but it was more like a fast walk with a jiggle. I think my legs were still tired from TRX on Sunday and I just didn't have it in me. I didn't get into my groove until about 2.5 miles and even then it was a slow go! I feel like I rocked my BOSU abs class though!

I went home to watch Biggest Loser and decided to have a grilled cheese for dinner, because it was National Grilled Cheese Day, of course! Then I had a hunk of Jenny-O ham to get my protein on and a cup of SF chai tea, b/c it's a form of tea and I'm an addict! BL and Parenthood were good. I'm looking forward to Parenthood next week b/c the previews looked good.

In more exciting news...
In 2 weeks and 2 days, Erin and I will start off our Summer Concert Extravaganza!!!!
First up is Papa Roach, Finger Eleven and Pop Evil...
Jacobi from Papa Roach at the Gorge in George,WA

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tired Tuesday

Good morning everyone! I am still dragging a little bit from Bootcamp on Sunday but my tookas is not as sore as yesterday. This is a good thing because I have to run at the gym tonight and to my BOSU abs class! This morning I experimented with a Hungry Girl recipe for breakfast and had an Egg Mug! I put avocado, tomatoes, mushrooms, green onions and Laughing Cow cheese in it! It was pretty good! A little runny, but I think I can blame the tomatoes for that one! And it was only 3 points! woo!!!

Last night I went to dinner with a prospective student. We went to a place in Pullman called South Fork. I had the Crab cakes with coconut curry rice and a bean salad. We also had appetizers of bbq wings and 3 breads and spreads with included a chutney, hummus, and an olive tapanade. I thought about dessert but was feeling kinda full and didn't want to over do it.
Then I went to the Super-Wal-Marche for some things since yesterday was payday. I got my liquid egg substitutue to make my Egg Mugs, mushrooms, apples, bananas, fruit cream cheese dip, cheapo splenda packets for my drawer at work, and more foot cream for Heif.
I went home and chopped up my shrooms and green onions while I was watching DWTS. GO HEINZ!!!! :) I was sad to find that Harry's Law wasn't on last night on NBC but the new Law & Order: LA was on instead. It was a good show, but not my Harry's Law! I want to know where it went!

Ok. Off to the lab b/c I'm helping the French interns sublime TTA today. Woo! It sounds way more exciting than it actually is. once you get started it's just a waiting game. But we get to play with dry ice!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Holy soreness Batman!

Here's a recap from the weekend since I am cheap and lazy. Cheap because I don't have internet at home and lazy b/c I can't be bothered to lug my laptop around...

Friday night... I made some delish pasta and sauerkraut dish and then sat at home and watched "Who do you think you are" with Ashley Judd and then Dateline. Wow I'm old!

Saturday... I woke up and met my friend Erin at Rosauer's in Moscow and then she drove us to Clarkston where we went for a ~5 mile power walk with her WW peeps. My Nike+ said we only went 4.41 miles, but good enough.  After that, we went to Zaney Graze, which is a diner inspired place. I was bad an had some Mountainy Dew with my California Chicken Burger (chicken breast, avacado, bacon, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo) with waffle fries. We were exceptionally bad and split a Cow pie sunday that had a brownie bottom, with ice cream, whipped cream, hot fudge, nuts, choco chips and M&Ms! It was amazing! We then went to the KMart looking for the Special K protein bars and they were amazingly $7.49 a box! No thanks! We headed back to Moscow and hit up the Wallgreens where we found them on sale for $5 a box. Thank you!
We then decided it was a good idea to wander around the mall, forgetting it was WSU's Mom's Weekend. There were people EVERYWHERE! It was a total mad house! I found a pair of running shorts and capris and then we wandered for a bit more til the crowd did Erin in. I continued on to Old Navy and found another pair of "compression" capris and some cute bathing suit bottoms to go with my top that I bought to encase my girls in the summer.
After coming back to Pullman and sitting on the couch for a bit, I got my the guts to go running because I had a 10 mile goal for Sat. I ended up doing about 6.5 miles in ~1:20. It was about a 12 min/mile. Pretty good for me. I went home and iced my knees because they were angry with me. Haven't had to do that since high school.

Sunday... I woke up not feeling too sore. My knees were good but it felt like someone had punched me in each of my butt cheeks! I went to the Horticulture Club sale and bought 2 salsa bowls and some random tomato plants and some basil. I always manage to kill the basil, so we'll see how this one goes. Then I layed around til about 6 when it was time to go to Sunday Bootcamp. This consists of a 40 min BOSU Core class, an hour of rest or walking on the treadmill watching Iron Chef, and then an hour TRX class. I did it and didn't feel too bad.

Also in good news... Heif has stopped barfing! YAY! And his skin is getting better!

Ok. Back to work. I think I will be hobbling all day b/c I feel about 80 years old from the belly button down!

FYI: I have ordered a new camera battery, so expect some lots of pictures when that gets here! :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Furry Children Friday

The last few weeks have been a rough one for my dog Heif. He's developed this weird skin issue and it's pretty much all over his body. Last Wed. I took him to the vet to get his ears flushed b/c he had an infection in them and we found this crusty stuff all over him. After 3 hours at the vet, he was shaved, bathed in antibacterial wash, dried and his ears flushed. I left the vet with antibiotics, antifungal meds, some blue stuff to scrub the crusties off and some anti fungal cream. His skin has been getting better but after a few days I think the antibiotics were fighting with his stomach. He's been having trouble keeping food down. I thought he was better last night b/c he was hungry and ate and it stayed down... until about 6am this morning. Poor kid! I think I'm going to have to use the Pepto next. It's not exactly his favorite but if I get some into him and it stays I'll be happy.

Poor Heif is naked and covered in sores! :(

In other news, I ended up having Barbara's shredded wheats for dinner last night. I did 4.41 miles at the gym last night and was aiming for 5 miles but I ran out of time before I had to go to my BOSU abs class. It was closer than what I was able to do on Tuesday, so I guess I'm happy with that.

So far today, I have mixed feelings. I'm excited to go have sushi for lunch with my friend Laura because it has been too long since our last sushi date, but I am also sad. I just got word from my Mom that our oldest dog at home, Decca has died. We think that she had a stroke, followed by seizures. Poor thing. Hopefully this weekend will get better.
This is Decca's son Jack b/c I couldn't find a picture of her.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday is worse than Hump Day

Hello bloggy world! This is my first post ever and I have been inspired to do this from following the many run-ny, healthy people type blogs for the past month or so. I think that SkinnyRunner has become a staple of my day. I can’t say that I am a good runner and extremely far from saying that I’m a fast runner, but I can say that I am a runner. When I was in high school I threw the shot put and discus and was one of those “fat people on the hill” that you couldn’t pay to run. Fast forward almost 10 years and now I’m paying to run and actually enjoying it! Go figure! 
OK. Back to the lab. I have 3 organic reactions running for the 2nd day in a row and I have some radiochem stuff that I want to get done. My goal for tonight is 5 miles in an hour or so and then my BOSU abs class. Still not sure what I’m having for dinner yet, but I have plenty of time to figure that out…