Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I gave my cold the finger!

I guess you could say that. As I was leaving work yesterday, I had decided that I needed to go for a run. I was kind of out of commission this weekend having scorched my back (thank you SPF 70 for not working!) and was in need of a run. The only thing in my way was this cold that knocked me on my butt last Wed. I was sick of feeling congested/coughy/phlegmy/ gross and decided that a run was going to either make me want to die or make me feel better. I was hoping for the latter.

I headed out at 7:30pm b/c it was a roasty 80+ degrees here in Pullman and I figured the later I could wait to start the better/cooler it would be. I decided to do a 10K for some reason and programmed my Nike+ app on my iPhone as such and selected a shuffle music. I think it's exciting to see what it will play.

I left my house in plans of doing the big loop around town and the closer I got to my usual path, the more I wanted to take it further. I have to admit that because of the heat and my lung hacking my time was far from stellar but I was happy to get out there and do it! If I had more than 2 lungs, I think I would have coughed them up as well but I continued on. I had a decent sized water bottle with me that had half green powerade zero/ half water in it and it was a life saver after coughing fits! Some people probably will think that if my coughing was so bad that I shouldn't have gone out at all, but I'm glad I did. It made me feel better over all to get sweaty. I realize that I wasn't able to give my usual amount of effort but I still got out there!!

I saw some random things along the way: a crumpled clean looking towel and a rainbow children's sock. Weird.

I also enjoyed the music selection that my iPod chose for me. There was a lot of Michael Jackson and RENT which was amusing. I had to skip over the Josh Groban singing in different languages because that doesn't have enough oomph in it! I would like to thank Hollywood Undead for their song 'Comin' In Hot'. I'm not sure why I drinking some pepped up my mood, but it got my pace to pick up and a little bit of swagger in my run. Crazy how music can do that for you!

I ended up doing 6.72 miles in 1:38. It's not great but a faster 10K than the last uphill craziness that I did. I'll take it! And I even did a significant amount of walking on this one, so I'm ready to get healthy and go faster!

When I got home it was already about 9 and had cooled off nicely. I had a chicken and laughing cow cheese wrap, some of my healthy pasta salad that was left over and a few bites of cookie dough (yes I'm still working on that tub!). I went to go make a cup of tea and it was already 10pm, so I said forget that b/c I would be up all night getting rid of it and I needed my sleep!

I watered the garden and put these babies on b/c I could already feel the soreness creeping in. Aren't my old man compression socks SEXY?! Oh yea!!! They do the job which is all I care! :)

I bit the bullet before going to bed and took the children's dose of the hallucinogenic cough medicine that I had tried before and went to bed. I would like to report that I feel better this morning probably due to a good night's sleep and will continue with the cough syrup until I feel better.

What did you do last night?

Did you run in the heat where you live? I wish I could drag my sorry butt out of bed at 5am to run but that just isn't happening yet. Maybe I could recruit someone on the east coast to call me and then I'll feel more motivated to do it?

Are you able to function in the morning and get your run on?

Have you ever had a bad reaction to cough syrup? The last time I took this stuff I think I took a normal adult dose and it's 12 hour stuff and felt high and weird the next day. It's been a while since I've been brave enough to try it again but I'm feeling better this time around.

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  1. Funny, I always thought I had an aversion to working out early in the morning. I've tried on several occasions to get my rear out of bed at 5-530a in order to workout. That lasted for about a week. I just love to sleep. Now, I actually have to get up at 5 in order to get to work by 630a. I can do that with little issues...I guess, I am naturally an evening workout person.

    Great job on your 10K run. I've been keeping this as my new motto:

    No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch. And I go really slow