Sunday, May 29, 2011

Holiday Weekend

What am I doing this Holiday weekend you ask? Well, right now I'm working. BARF! I know! I think my only saving grace is that the weather is being bi-polar and goes from sunny to overcast gonna rain about every 20 mins. So, b/c of the weather situation, I've decided to come into work and do what I was planning on doing yesterday when I came into work that never happened. Since I kinda fell off the planet for a few days, here's what my fairly uneventful life has entailed:

Thursday: Work was normal but instead of running on Thursday like I had planned, I went and saw the Hangover Part 2! It was really funny! I won't spoil anything for you but if you are expecting to laugh like you're going to pee your pants like you did during the whole first movie, that's probly not going to happen. I mean it's funny and different from the first one but I can't say I was as "shock and awed" by this one as I was the first.

Have you seen the Hangover Part 2? What did you think?

Friday: I worked, came home, was a giant lame-o and fell asleep on the couch to wake up to Jimmy Fallon and relocated to my bed. Yep. I'm a LAME-O and I'm OLD! :)

Saturday: I had planned to get up early, go to the Farmer's Market in Moscow and then go to work. What actually happened is that I was a giant slug and snuggled with the kitties in bed til about 11. I went to the Post Office and mailed Mom the Avon stuff she ordered. (Yes. I sell Avon if anyone is ever interested.) Then I came home, watched some softball, took a nap, changed into the worst clothes and shoes that I own and attacked my yard with the weed whacker. I was stupid and forgot to wear gloves, so I ended up with a GIANT not so big blister on my hand. But my yard looks good now! Then I hung out the rest of the night and watched '27 dresses' that i got from Walmart for $5!!!

Sunday: I was good and got up at 9 and relocated to the couch and made breakfast of eggs and almond butter toast, tea (of course!) and a small glass of Trop50 OJ. While I was eating, I was watching the French Open. After I was done eating I fell into a food coma til about noon. I decided to be motivated and get dressed and here I am at work.

I was debating the idea of not working tomorrow since it is a holiday free parking day on campus but I think that I will sleep in and then come to work. I think I'm going to work on growing crystals with a new compound that I've made! Ok. That was enough geeking out on you. I'll go back to work now. Hopefully the weather will hold out and I can get a run in. Next Saturday, I have the "Mountain Goat Challenge" in Spokane. It's a 10K that is half totally up hill and the other half totally down hill. I need to get some hill work in, so we'll see!

What are you doing on Monday? Hopefully not working like me! :)