Friday, July 8, 2011

I Don't Do Mornings!!!

Well, I did it!! I was up at 5:30 this morning to make an attempt at my first ever SUPER EARLY morning run. I was out on the road by 5:50 and ended up doing the little loop but thought I'd mix things up and go the opposite direction. I was good until about mile 2 and then a lung giggled loose and I was a coughing machine and slowed to a walk. It wasn't very good after that so I slowed it to a speedy walk the rest of the way home. I think the loop in this direction is harder but I was taking a hill in a different direction. Maybe it was just different.

Regardless, I have felt tired and sluggish all day. Maybe this will mean that I will fall asleep early and sleep like a rock? I can only hope!

Last night, I was planning on running when I got home but the skies looked like rain and then I fell asleep on the couch. When I woke up, I convinced myself that I was destined to have to get up in the morning and do it then. When I got off the couch, I made my delicious chicken and vegetable medley that I made before but this time I added red potatoes and zucchini from the Farmers' Market that I needed to use up and fresh Rosemary from my garden!! It ended up being a whole lot of food and took 45 min at 400 degrees to cook! But now I have eats for the weekend and a good thing too since Payday isn't til Monday (::insert poor Grad student comment here::)
The Goods with added ingredients.

Heif drooling over my dinner -- the flash went all weird

Thursday has turned into a pretty lame night as far as tv watching goes. I might have to start renting from the RedBox to amuse myself or just go to bed at 9 when SYTYCD is over. I do only have 20 channels, so it's not like I can watch any of the cool shows like Hoarders or Extreme Couponing at home! :)

What do you watch on Thursday Nights?

Rented anything good from the RedBox lately?

What are your plans for the weekend? I'm going to the Farmers' Market with Laura and then watching her band perform in a local bar *WEEEEEEE* on Saturday. On Sunday, I'm hoping to get 10 miles in depending on how my coughing situation is going. Someone suggested it might be allergies since it's been going on for 10 days now. So, I might try allergy meds and see if that does anything. If not, I think I'm headed to the University Clinic on Monday. Run or no run, I'm planning on "Bake Attempt #2" for Sunday afternoon. I will be more stealthy with my sunscreen application this time!

If anyone likes Mission Skincare products, Schwaggle from is having a deal for $25 for $50 worth of products and then you qualify for free shipping! You can find the deal HERE. If you take up on it too, let me know! If the link doesn't work, I can fwd you the email.

Have you ever used Mission Skincare products before? Skinnyrunner had recommended them to me, so they can't be bad! ;)

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  1. Good for you for getting up and out early! I love having my run done. Eats look delish!
    No plans this weekend...yet...