Friday, July 29, 2011

Being an Adult

Last night my legs were tired from running the night before, so I didn't run. I don't know how you people can run every day b/c my legs just can't take it! Since I knew I wasn't running, I went ahead and made myself dinner when I got home. I made a grilled chicken & cheese on Ezekiel bread with muenster and that fancy French cheese that starts with a G that I can't seem to spell right.
Mmm! Grill marks!
After dinner, I went to the WallyWorld to get my contribution to the party tonight. There is a going away party for John b/c he's leaving for a few months to do research elsewhere. We are having Sangria among other things, so I bought a gallon of the cheapo white stuff and a bottle of lemon-lime pop to mix with it. There will be fruit and fruit juice added to make it refreshing! :)

NOTE: I will not be drinking anywhere near as much as was consumed a few weeks ago... because I am going to try and "be an adult" and not go overboard. Also, I'm going to go to the Farmers' Market tomorrow if I have to drag my sorry self out of bed! I didn't go last week and am having withdrawls! Walmart produce just isn't the same!!!

Getting back to the title, I have been working on overhauling my CV all blessed day long at work today! I am hopefully less than a year out from graduating with this thing they call a PhD and need to find something to do after this. In order to apply for anything, you need a CV, like a nerdy resume, to give to people so they know your history/experience with things. I hope I get some nibbles with this thing!

On a happier note, I emailed one of the profs that I did summer research while I was an undergrad asking her if she would be comfortable being one of my references and she said she had a position available if I was interested! Super cool! It's probly not for me but is only an hour from home and is an offer!!! :D

I'm gonna go home and continue being an adult and eat a good dinner before imbibing but I'm sure you can expect some fun pictures from the festivities.

I'm planning on getting in at least 10 miles on Sunday! If anyone wants to call/ email/ tweet and harass nag at  encourage me to make sure I'm going to do it, let me know! All kicks in the butt are welcome b/c I've been needing to get my long run in and it hasn't happened!

57 days until my Half Marathon in Akron, OH!!!!

What fun things are you doing this weekend? Since it seems to have cooled down in the east compared to what it was, we are getting it this weekend with temps nearing 90. I will have to be up at 4:30 to run before it gets sweltering. 


  1. GIRL! thank you so much for your sweet comment. I am up for talking grad school ANY time. I am going into my 4th year and I think more than anything I recently hit burnout mode and it is not helping...blah! but you are SO closed to being finished! that is awesome!

    I love the farmer's market! seriously my favorite place ever :)

    Good luck on your run this weekend!

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