Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back on the Wagon

After splurging on food and having fun this weekend, I decided that I needed to get back on track with my eating. It's been about 2 months that I've just been eyeballing it and not actually tracking my food. I picked Monday to be the day to start. First, I checked the planner that I had tracked my food in before and since it was free, it ran out of pages in July. With this, I needed a new planner and headed to the grand ole Wallmarche where I picked up this lovely!
It has plenty of space to write my food for the day and has monthly tabs on the side and a monthly calendar on each tab! It seemed perfect! And it's an 18 month planner!! Woo!

Since yesterday started Operation Healthy, I had a good dinner. I had two shreaded chicken and cheese with bbq sauce tortillas.
#2 b/c #1 was gone in seconds
I had butternut squash that I got at Walmart in a steamable package with butter and pepper.
For dessert while watching the B, I had a chopped apple, sliced banana with cinnamon and a cup of tea, of course!
Do these look like potatoes to you too?
Monday Night TV: I was excited to sit down to watch tv last night b/c I hadn't seen much over the weekend. I continue to watch the train wreck that is the B and can't help myself. I'm starting to feel bad for the girl that people keep leaving and creepers keep showing back up! If Ryan is the next Bachelor I am NOT watching that show! I hope the producers have more sense than that! I think I was bored with all of it by the time the Rose Ceremony rolled around. Can we drag reality tv out anymore?! GEESH!

When 10pm hit I was excited and ready for EMWLE!!! I was definitely sad that this was the season finale! I have come to love this show and it has filled the hole that not watching BL has left. I think the Bachelor Pad will continue to fill the hole as far as I can tell from the previews of Jake and Vienna! Oh the horror!! Muahahaha!!!

I'm planning on a run tonight but am not totally sure b/c my tummy has been angry at me from all of the delicious crap that I ate this weekend. Hello body cleanse with fresh fruits and veggies! :D

I think that the very least I'm going to get to work on reading all of the running magazines that I've been collecting. No tv tonight?! Maybe!

What do you think of Monday night tv? Is it as much of a train wreck for you or are you enjoying it?

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