Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby Delicious

That's what Erin calls it when you have a food baby! And I totally had one last night after steak night! I was sure to document the awesomeness accordingly, so here it is...

The appetizer...
It was all I was hoping it to be!!

The salad... an amazing green salad with extra cukes courtesy of Erin.
The Winner Winner Chicken Dinner... but Steak!
Tonight's dinner came with green beans and carrots, a piece of texas toast, a baked potato with butter, sour cream and *real* bacon bits! The steak was a 10oz. sirloin that was smothered in shrooms, onions and their pepper sauce. Can we say A-MAZ-ING!!!?

Along with this food, the owner of the Silver Saddle was walking around with freshly baked cookies of 3 different kinds. I may or may not have had three of them. I may have also stopped counting at three. :) I think the one chocolate chip one was so warm and melty that the chocolate burned my finger a little! It was THAT good!

I surprisingly made it awake to Pullman and then motored myself home b/c I felt a food coma coming on. I ended up hanging out with Heif for a bit and then the food coma took over at about 10:30. I was dead to the world until my alarm went off at 7am.

I LOVE STEAK NIGHT!!! But it's a good thing it doesn't happen very often or I would be a blimp!

Tomorrow, I have an 8K race in Spokane and have to be at my friend's house in Albion (on the way) at 5am!!! I don't think I function that early but I can predict that there will need to be some tea action going on b/c I don't think even Starbucks is open that early!!! Geesh!

Then I get to go to a Spokane Indians game with fireworks after and then have fun dancing my booty off at the bars in Spokane. It will be nice to have a change of scenery. And I can make a fool of myself dancing b/c I won't know anyone! Woohoo!

What fun things do you have going on this weekend? I'm sad b/c I'm missing the Farmers' Market and a Jackson Blue show tomorrow. GOOOOOO Laura!!!

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