Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tired Tuesday

Good morning everyone! I am still dragging a little bit from Bootcamp on Sunday but my tookas is not as sore as yesterday. This is a good thing because I have to run at the gym tonight and to my BOSU abs class! This morning I experimented with a Hungry Girl recipe for breakfast and had an Egg Mug! I put avocado, tomatoes, mushrooms, green onions and Laughing Cow cheese in it! It was pretty good! A little runny, but I think I can blame the tomatoes for that one! And it was only 3 points! woo!!!

Last night I went to dinner with a prospective student. We went to a place in Pullman called South Fork. I had the Crab cakes with coconut curry rice and a bean salad. We also had appetizers of bbq wings and 3 breads and spreads with included a chutney, hummus, and an olive tapanade. I thought about dessert but was feeling kinda full and didn't want to over do it.
Then I went to the Super-Wal-Marche for some things since yesterday was payday. I got my liquid egg substitutue to make my Egg Mugs, mushrooms, apples, bananas, fruit cream cheese dip, cheapo splenda packets for my drawer at work, and more foot cream for Heif.
I went home and chopped up my shrooms and green onions while I was watching DWTS. GO HEINZ!!!! :) I was sad to find that Harry's Law wasn't on last night on NBC but the new Law & Order: LA was on instead. It was a good show, but not my Harry's Law! I want to know where it went!

Ok. Off to the lab b/c I'm helping the French interns sublime TTA today. Woo! It sounds way more exciting than it actually is. once you get started it's just a waiting game. But we get to play with dry ice!


  1. Hey Cortney!!!! So good to hear from you!!! I tried to reply to your earlier comments but your profile was blocked!!

    I know--I am so stoked to get out of P-town!!!

  2. 1. i am disappointed because his name is Hines! Not like the ketchup! and 2. Harry's Law season is over. Season finale was the last epsiode.

  3. i changed my name now.. haha. I didn't realize thats what the name thing was.