Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blahs are taking over

Welp, it's Thursday and I have a major case of the blahs! I was pretty much a total bum last night aside from scoring a major stash of 50% off easter candy. I got a few chocolate covered peeps! They were really good! I think I had heard of them before but didn't think they were real. SCORE! Then I just hung out at home, changing channels between American Idol and the Royal Wedding Preview. Then I watched the first hour of 'The Voice' that I had missed the night before and ended up watching PBS til about 11. PBS was pretty interesting. The show was about a son trying to learn about his mother who was a Jew in WWII times in the Ukraine and how she escaped at 10 and now that she is older, she has some weird habits and mannerisms b/c of what she went through. They were comparing that population of people with the Katrina survivors in New Orleans and how PTSD was a major factor but they didn't know anything about it in the 1940s. I guess I learned something last night.

This morning, I totally DID NOT want to get out of bed. I woke up at the last possible minute and then ran around like a crazy person getting ready, packing my lunch, making tea and eating breakfast. Everything ended up ok and I was on time for the bus. It was crazy cold and windy this morning. The bank thermometer that I go past in the morning said it was 33 at about 8:40 this morning! Yuck! So we're about 3 days away from May and it's still that cold here! I'm sooooo ready for spring! Then I can ride my motorcycle to school and not have to wait for the stinking bus in the cold!

I'm excited for this weekend! Maybe that's why I have the blahs. Starting tomorrow, my life is going to be so fun and exciting for a few days that work is just totally underwhelming. Possibly! I just need to get through the rest of this day and then bounce around tomorrow til it's time to go!

Tonight, I am 100% going to the gym. I thought about it last night but was worried that gyming it 2 nights in a row would tire me out. I need to save all my energy for the concert and then, BLOOMSDAY! I'm wondering what will be a reasonable time to shoot for, since I want to do better than last year and I am faster, but I do have all the people to weave through to worry about.

Ok. Enough jibbering. Back to evaporating and enjoying the sunshine through my window. :)

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