Monday, April 18, 2011

Nerd Herd in Action

Yesterday was the big day! The WSU 100K Relay & Solo. I can't say that I actually saw any of the crazy brave solo runners, but there were quite a few teams at Relay exchange 7, where I started. It was about 48 and sunny but it was WICKED windy! As you can see here from my "I am cold!" pose.
Chris (Leg #7) and I exchanged high five's and off I went!
That is my white shirt/black butt after the exchange.

Me running next to a wheat field.

The scenery was pretty but my mouth was parched from all the wind drying me out. This nice paved road turned into a gravel road. When cars passed by, I got the pleasure to be covered in road dust! But I finally made it to the exchange point, with a time of about 1:20, which was 10 minutes slower than I had guessed. I don't think that's bad since I was running against 20+mph winds the whole time. Eh.
I look like I'm speed walking!

Then I got to drive the car while Roger (Leg #9) and Kirk (Leg #10) ran. Here is their exchange and Kirk finishing.

Then there was BBQ because we actually had 3 teams racing. There was a Kids team of Middle/High School kids, the Adult team- Angry Birds, and then the Fulmer Hall Team - Nerd Herd.
As a team we finished at 5:39PM, which was one minute faster than planned! WOO!!!

Today I am sore and hobbling with the usual "Someone kicked me in the butt" feeling. Today is a rest day. Tomorrow I plan on going light and then a week and I half to train for the 12K Bloomsday on May 1 in Spokane!

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  1. Good job Cortney!! I ran this last year leg 4 I think!

    Yes, you totally saw Coach and Coop! I would love to get together sometime!! I'm playing catch up right now at work, but soon!