Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Someone Famous

Last night, I met someone you could call famous if you've ever endured Grad School. This is the author of PhD Comics and has kept many people sane and not feeling alone in the abyss that is grad school. His name is Jorge Cham and he was pretty funny! I even got my 2 books signed and got a picture with him! He was super nice and normal, for being a nerdy type person.
It's a little dark, but you get the idea!

That, now too big for me coat, looks really hot!

I even got my own little cartoon!

After the talk, I walked to my car, which was parked at the dentist's office. Drove home, let Heif out, changed in a fury and went back to campus to go to the gym. I made it to my BOSU Abs class with about 5 min to spare! I'm glad I went b/c I felt better after doing it! I was a little bummed that I didn't run, but don't think I had it in me.

Tonight, I'm going shopping with Erin in hopes of an outfit/new shoes for a dress up night/ GPSA Spring Gala on Friday. Hopefully Group Meeting doesn't go til 7pm this week!

...and I'm off to the organic lab!

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