Saturday, April 16, 2011

Needs Dynamite!

Good morning everyone!

Since it is Saturday and I'm posting, that means I'm at work and was successful at dynamiting myself out of bed this morning! Wee! Not really. I need to start working Sat's more consistently so I can graduate. Since my talk with the Boss Man, I have decided that I will come in on the weekend and work on getting this paper written. If I get anything else done, that will just be a bonus. I have the office to myself and Rock 104 streaming over the internet from home. What more could I need to be motivated?!

Last night was super fun! Erin and I did a few errands for me (movie to Redbox, deposit Vball check that took 2 months to get to me), and then we went to Basillio's, an Italian place in Pullman. I had the Spinach Lasagna thinking that it would be a healthier choice...WRONG! The cheese to spinach ratio was about 750:1. I could still taste the spinach and the dish was very tasty, but the cheese coated my innards and I could only finish about half of it! But I did have 2 glasses of iced tea with lemon and splenda b/c I had only had 1 cup of tea for the day and needed to feed my addiction. Then we went and let Heif out and then to the Dollar Store for contraband candy. I got Sour Patch Kids, Twizzlers and Werther's. We went to the theater and saw 'Arthur' with Russell Brand. It was surprisingly hilarious! I had never seen any of his other work, but am now a fan! I ate most of my Sour Patch Kids and a few Twizzlers.
It was about 9 when the movie let out and Erin took me home. I turned on Dateline b/c it was Friday and I had to be old. The first half was good. Not sure about the second half b/c I fell asleep and the next thing I knew Jay Leno was on. OOPS! Told you I was old!

Tonight I have a GWIS (Graduate Women in Science) mixer to try and get to know the new members and then a 100K team potluck so we can get out bibs and get all the info for tomorrow's race! I'm a little bummed I didn't get my run in yesterday, but hopefully this will mean that I'm fully rested for Sunday. I'm thinking that Sunday Bootcamp isn't going to happen this week. Maybe I'll just go to BOSU since my legs are gonna be dead.

Have a great weekend! Hopefully it's nice where you are and not dreary and threatening of rain like it is here!

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  1. I think I clearly do not see enough of my ladypants... Go you!!