Friday, April 8, 2011

Furry Children Friday

The last few weeks have been a rough one for my dog Heif. He's developed this weird skin issue and it's pretty much all over his body. Last Wed. I took him to the vet to get his ears flushed b/c he had an infection in them and we found this crusty stuff all over him. After 3 hours at the vet, he was shaved, bathed in antibacterial wash, dried and his ears flushed. I left the vet with antibiotics, antifungal meds, some blue stuff to scrub the crusties off and some anti fungal cream. His skin has been getting better but after a few days I think the antibiotics were fighting with his stomach. He's been having trouble keeping food down. I thought he was better last night b/c he was hungry and ate and it stayed down... until about 6am this morning. Poor kid! I think I'm going to have to use the Pepto next. It's not exactly his favorite but if I get some into him and it stays I'll be happy.

Poor Heif is naked and covered in sores! :(

In other news, I ended up having Barbara's shredded wheats for dinner last night. I did 4.41 miles at the gym last night and was aiming for 5 miles but I ran out of time before I had to go to my BOSU abs class. It was closer than what I was able to do on Tuesday, so I guess I'm happy with that.

So far today, I have mixed feelings. I'm excited to go have sushi for lunch with my friend Laura because it has been too long since our last sushi date, but I am also sad. I just got word from my Mom that our oldest dog at home, Decca has died. We think that she had a stroke, followed by seizures. Poor thing. Hopefully this weekend will get better.
This is Decca's son Jack b/c I couldn't find a picture of her.

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