Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thinking of the New Year

I'm not ready to make any lists or assessments of 2011, but I am ready to start thinking about making said lists and goals. I have already taken some steps towards healthy living in 2012.

I have signed up for the January Food Journal and I have signed up for 2 classes at the Rec Center, starting Jan. 16. I signed up for my usual BOSU Abs Blast class on Tues/ Thurs and I signed up for a new to me Tabata Core class on Saturday mornings. I figured this would get my butt out of bed, get my workout in, then I could go to work for a bit and then do my usual weekend stuff. Good thing the Farmers Market doesn't start back up til May b/c that will mess my whole schedule up!

So yesterday, I picked up my "project" from Walmart on my way home...

I've been searching online for calendars to hang at work. I currently have a Twilight themed one but it's kinda lame (just pictures of the characters not scenes from the movie). I looked at Breaking Dawn, Sherlock Holmes and even Spartacus: Blood & Sand ones. They were either too boring or showed too much of almost naked women for work (Spartacus). I ran out of ideas and decided to make my own. I have a bazillion concert pictures, so why not?!

I decided that a recap of the 'Men of the 48 Hours Festival' was appropriate and didn't get all of the men b/c M.Shadows had to be in there at least for Jan and Feb for mine and Erin's birthday months. I wanted to hang it up today but was told that is was bad luck, so I will have to wait until Monday for that. 

I've also been thinking healthy and have been working on going through the WW cookbook that Erin got me for Christmas.

It's got a great intro section for each chapter and is broken into: eggs, milk/ yogurt/ cheese, lean meats, lean poultry, seafood, vegetarian, whole grains, vegetables and fruits. I'm still on the milk chapter but some of the recipes look super tasty and easy to make. I'm in! I will let you know when I make something from this book.

Last night, I finished the first unit of the Hunger Games. I can't say that I'm totally drawn in by the book yet but am not bored either. I'm interested in what happens next. The games are gonna start! Whatever that means. :)

I'm off to the gym tonight and am going to get a full workout in b/c I'll have about 2 hours to play with instead of the barely an hour I had on Tuesday. 

What are you up to tonight? Anything good on tv? Probly not so that means I'll be reading. :) 

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  1. I enjoyed the Hunger Games a lot - hopefully it'll pick up for you!