Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Holidays!

First of all, I would like to thank and welcome my new readers!! I'm up to 30!! Gosh!! :) That means a lot to me!!

I kind of fell off the wired planet starting on Thursday because I went home from work early b/c I didn't feel well. It turns out, by 6pm I had a fever of 101. I promptly went to the bed with the fleece sheets and cranked the heating blanket up. I fell asleep as was back on the mend by 9 and even ate dinner and the last of the cookies that Mom has sent me. I was back in bed by 10:30 and woke up at 8 with some more of the fever (and not the good kind that I guess that Bieber kid is giving away). I took some more pills and went back to sleep and was functional around 1 and feeling better. I spent the rest of Friday on the couch watching movies that I had bought during my Black Friday Madness. I watched Rio and Xmen: Wolverine. I was surprised at how cute Rio was!

And Penny, Heif loved his present too!

Saturday, I woke up feeling better and had decided that today was the day to do the Home 4 the Holidays Virtual 10K. I set out with my festive gear on and even wore my socks from Darlene from the Sock Swap!

Top half/ bathroom photo

Festive socks
I set out for the 10k by running around Pullman. Right when I was about to go I saw that Curie the Garmin was dead, so I charged her for a half hour to 30% and headed out. It was now a lovely mess of rain/ ice balls/ wind. This lasted for the first 2 miles. Then it was sunny and windy the rest of the way. The more I am running, the more I realize how out of running shape I am in and wish for the days of summer when I feel like I rocked it around town. I finished the 10k in a miserable 1:45 b/c I walked most of the last 2/3. I haven't been back to running enough to get my endurance back. This is something I will have to work on. 

After I showered, I was debating dinner options. I was between chinese/ asian food or pizza. the family voted chinese. I called my favorite place in town and they were closed til after the first of the year! Then I called a Thai place and they were closed too! So I slumped myself to the Walmart and got a supreme pizza and an orange chicken meal. Ha! I had both. I ate my dinner while watching a weird little man on PBS go to christmas village markets in Switzerland. I dunno, but tv was slim pickings! I also made some cookies even though I said I wasn't going to. Since I ate all the ones Mom sent, I needed more, so I made more.

apricot/ red raspberry kiffles

I went to bed at regular time to be woken up at 7ish by my mom calling me. We were going to skype while opening presents. I hope my family liked what I got them. I got my pans and baking stuff from mom and dad, a UV nail dryer and a foam roller from my sister, a new scarf for my new coat from mom, an amazon gift card from Mother and Papa and some scrubbies and other little things. I got dressed and went to Erin's house and we exchanged. She gave me some Steelers pj pants, some running socks and the WW Power Foods cookbook! I'm still working on reading through it! I hung out there until the Packers game was over and came home and chilled a bit before bed.

Monday, I slept in and it was lovely. I unstank myself and got dressed and headed out to battle the crazies at the mall. It turns out that there were lots of cars in the parking lot and not a whole lot of crazies. Win for me! I got some new light jeans from Maurice's, a few pj pants from old navy, a box of kcups for work from BBB, and some spicy truffles from Cowgirl Chocolates. I did my grocery shopping and hit Walmart for any deals on my way home. 

When I got home, I had a freezer situation when putting my groceries away so I decided to do some cleaning. I found from frozen fish from 2007!!! Eww!! So I made some room in my freezer and fridge and a garbage bag later, everything fit! 

Continuing on with being ambitious, I sat down and worked on my 'Running Journal' that I had started a few weeks ago. I got all of my clippings in and am ready to find some more. This is what I ended up with.


I like the background of the journal itself and enjoy how I have bedazzled it. I even filled in the first 2 pages with my runs so far with Curie. 

While I was at Walmart, I bought The Hunger Games and Julie & Julia. I wasn't sure which to start first and put a feeler out to facebook. I got a resounding 'HUNGER GAMES!!' and went with that. I got to about chapter 6 until my eyes were tired and I like it so far. Now I'm working on tracking down #2 and 3 of the series from the public library. I wonder which 12 year old I'll have to peel it away from! :) I will keep you posted about how it goes/ I like it since everyone in the blogosphere has seemed to love it. 

What series is out there to read next?! First HP, then Twilight, now Hunger Games.... who's next?


  1. I was sick too. Got sick on Christmas Eve, and I am just now starting to feel a little better. :(

  2. Sorry you were sick. Tis the season for that I think. I think I need to get into these HUnger Games too!

  3. YAY! Great job on the 10k! You rock :) I need to start Hunger Games too. Before the movie comes out.. sigh.. im always a day late ;)