Thursday, December 22, 2011

Secret Santa

Yesterday in the mail, I received my Secret Santa present. It was from Penny @ It was super cute b/c she sent me goodies for my kids as well as something for me!!

kitty treats, balls for Heif and a headband for me!

I'm excited to try the headband b/c I've never heard of this kind and they have little combs in them to help them stay put!! My kids loved their presents!

Immy want more treats!

Jack is pleasantly full.

Heif was too busy sitting outside in the cold to play with his toys yet.

I was good last night and did my P90X Core Synergistics video and am now sore today from my armpits to my knees. I think my inner thighs are on strike from all of the lunges. They just want to be together!!

During my workout, I stuck some brown rice with chicken bullion in the rice cooker and some shake n bake chicken in the oven. It was a lovely meal, followed by a cup of chai + milk= chai latte as a recovery drink. Yes, I did get that recovery drink in and it was warm and amazing!!

While holding on to my cup of love, I watched the Swedish version of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' so I can be totally up to date on the story when I go see the Hollywood version tonight. I'm excited to see it but not sure how long I can last in the 2h40min movie without having a potty break. It always happens to me in movies. I think I'm going to skip the popcorn and sneak my water bottle in.

What kind of movie contraband do you take to the theaters?

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  1. I love that your kitty got spoiled by your SS, too! She was so thoughtful. Great gifts, I'm glad you enjoy them! Have a fantastic holiday....keep up the great workouts :).