Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Boobs...Free to Good Home

I was thinking about this last night while running on the treadmill... If I lobbed off my boobs, that would be at least a good 10 lbs lost! And if I lost 10 lbs then I could run faster! In reality, even though I have them strapped down, they still get in my way and cause me day to day tramas. Like panic attacks that I forgot to put a bra on on my way to school. Strapping them done when doing any sort of physical activity (Thanks Enell!). Causing me to always be jealous of those ladies that can workout with a bra or even one of those built in kind of ones. That doesn't happen to me.

I'm sorry for complaining b/c the not so chesty ladies are complaining they don't have enough, when I have too much. But here I am willing to donate! It's kind of like donating blood but I don't think you can help as many people this way as what you can with blood and this is more of a vanity thing.

I realize that boobs aren't the end all and be all of my weight issue... I love food, that is the real problem. Good, bad, doesn't matter. Now, if I could only stop eating crap and run more like I was this summer, I would be better off. But it's not even about losing the weight that's a total issue with me... I remember losing 10 lbs in high school from giving up pop and my boobs got bigger! What gives then?!

I'm sorry that this post just kind of turned into a rant, but if you can't rant about your own boobs on your own blog, where can you rant about them?!

If there are any professionals out there that would like to help me in this time of food crisis and the holidays, it would be greatly appreciated.

Does anyone think that the stress of Graduate School has maybe finally gotten to me? :)

I feel like I should add a picture to this post because it's all words but don't want to post a picture of tatas.

But seriously... Do I have any takers?

PS. Sorry to any of the guys that might be reading this out there b/c there was 'boobs' in the title of this post. :)


  1. Sorry, I'll keep my small boobs. :) I always wanted bigger ones, and then I got them when I was nursing - 36DD to be exact. Now my 34B are appreciated even more.

  2. If you have a waiting list, I will gladly donate mine too!

    Funny, Im having the same issue - loving good food, eating crap (not as much as the summer months), and my workouts are ok - just not stellar. It must be the Mercury retrograde and the pending lunar eclipse. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

  3. I could NOT agree with you more. I love my Enell, but getting into it is TOUGH! What I would give to be able to wear a tank with built in bra...sigh...that would be so lovely...