Monday, December 19, 2011

BL Meet n Greet

If you were wondering what I did Friday night, you can see Jess's recap of our Running Journal Inspirational Party. It was a lot of fun and always great to meet new running chicks and have a girl's night in general.

Before I went out to meet the girls, I had 2 boxes waiting at my door!! I LOVE getting mail! It makes me feel like a little kid again b/c that was one of my "jobs" was getting the mail. I got a box of Christmas presents from Mom/ Mother (Dad's Mom) and a box from Aunt Bev via Bravissimo!!! I called and left her a screaming thank you voicemail b/c she didn't answer!! In the box from Mom, there was a $100 gift card to Sears b/c I need new skillets for cooking my eggs in the morning.

Presents from my Fairy Godmother!!
I am totally in LOVE with the black one and like the silver/ white one in the bottom right. I have yet to try on the other ones. The cream colored one is a strapless bra!! I've never had one of those before!! I'm soooo excited!!

Saturday morning, I went to breakfast with Laura and we went to The Breakfast Club in Moscow. I had the greek omlette with hashbrowns and their huckelberry/zucchini bread and 2 cups of tea. Duh! :)
I almost forgot a picture!
I was so hungry that I remembered to take a picture at half omlette status. After breakfast, we went and got a Christmas tree for Laura's parents. It smelled lovely. Kinda made me sad that I'm not bringing out the good ole one footer this year, but then I got home and was ok with it. 

I got home, took a bit of a nap and went out for a run. The Garmin got their first run in!! The name suggestions I've gotten so far are "Zippy" and "Curie" for Marie Curie. I realize that it's quite nerdy but I think I like Curie... 
What is your vote? Write ins are still welcome!

I ended up getting just over 4 miles in. I was going pretty strong until mile 2.5 and my tummy had other plans. I make a quick trip to a local porta potty and was very thankful it was there!! My tummy was "off" after that, so I power walked my butt the rest of the way home. 

I learned a few things from this run. 1.) I am very much out of my running shape that I was in this summer. 2.) I can run outside in the cold. 3.) I LOVE running outside compared to the treadmill. 4.) I need to do more speed/hill work. 5.) I.LOVE.MY.GARMIN!!!!! It was super fun being able to see my pace and not having my phone battery lose all it's juice at the same time. 

On Sunday, I woke up and relocated to the couch to watch football. I was deeply saddened when the Green Bay game wasn't on, so I got dressed and headed to Lewiston in search of new skillets and other kitchen-y things that could potentially be replaced in my house with the $100 Sears gift card my mom sent me. 

For my first stop, I went to the "BL12 Courtney meet up" at the froyo place down there!! It was super fun. I actually got in line behind her getting some froyo and didn't even know it was her til I heard her voice!! I'm suck a dork! I went with the usual cake batter with tons of fruit and some coconut. She was just sitting there with her Mom talking to people, so I sat and ate my froyo to not seem like a total creeper. I finished my masterpiece and joined in on the conversation. There weren't many people there, so I got to chat with her and her mom for a good 15 minutes!! It was nice for me b/c not too many people showed up but I was kind of bummer for her for that same reason. I had expected the place to be packed and I wouldn't even be able to get in the door. Courtney was very nice and down to earth and was a great person to relate to!! Everyone should go check out her facebook page. 

Who looks frumpy? Me!!

Then, I went to the Sears in Lewiston and they didn't carry any pots and pans but told me I could use it at the Kmart across the street! Score!! I forgot to take a picture (but I will) but I got 2 stainless steel Gordon Ramsay skillets, a nonstick T-Fal skillet, 2 Wilson cookie sheets (big and small), a Wilson covered cake pan, a bottle brush, 2 knives and a set of plastic cutting boards... all for $100. I went over my gift card b/c I bought laundry soap too. It was a great shopping trip! When I got back to Pullman, I stopped by the Walmart for some dinner (rotisserie chicken) and an actual Running Journal. I wasn't sure what went into one, so I just prepped a bunch of pictures and words to put in mine for later. I also got some fun stickers to put in it.

I think that will be my project tonight while I'm watching the Steelers win against the 49ers on Monday Night Football (MNF). 

How was your weekend? Are you going to watch the game?

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