Friday, December 9, 2011

Best Thursday Ever

If you were wondering, I ended up having an amazing day even if I was a prisoner of Fulmer 401 pretty much all day. For starters, it was my last Thursday of being a prisoner of 401 and my last day of the semester to be at school by 8am! And my last day TAing for the semester and hopefully ever!

The morning was pretty normal, helping out students and reading blogs. I also started watching episodes of 'New Girl' with Zoey Deschanel. I just love her! Then I went to Walmart with Erin to look for a new car battery for her during my lunch break hour.

I came back to the prison and had an appointment at 2:45 to give blood. I didn't have any takers for a boob donation from my last blog post but I sure did appreciate the bigger chested girls out there that understand what I'm going through. Thanks for the comments ladies!! I donated blood and it was pretty seamless. They had to poke my fingers twice b/c my blood iron was too low the first time. It needs to be a 12.5 and at first was a 12.3 and when it was redone was a 12.7, so I was a go. I enjoy giving blood, but because it's fun for me but because I'm an O+ blood type which means I can pretty much give to anyone. O- is the actual universal donor if you were wondering. It didn't hurt, except for my fingers. I didn't pass out. SCORE! And I got to eat sugary things to recover! Even better!!
Battle wound
Here's what the damage looks like today. Not too bad if I say so. I've had times where they had to dig around and my arm looked like a bruised stump the next day. Thank you good phlebotomist!

After my snacks, I went back to my office hours to finish out the day. At 4:30 I received an email that my favoritest band ever (Theory of a Deadman) was coming to the Tri-Cities, WA (2.5 hours away)! And. on. my. BIRTHDAY! I was soooo excited that I called Erin and we screamed!! I did a little bit of digging and since my birthday is on a Wed. this year (January 18 if anyone would like to send me anything! :)) driving 2.5 hours wasn't ideal but totally do able. I then found that they would be in Spokane at the Knitting Factory that Saturday! I'll take it! There also happened to be VIP tickets available for only $40 more. MINE!!!

                                            Theory of a Deadman

The VIP tickets include: a GA ticket, access to a Meet n Greet with the band, a 1 year membership to the TOADM fan club, a signed poster, a pick pack and a VIP laminate!!!!! I've never been VIP to a concert before and I'm totally excited! With this news, bring on the 28!!!!

The rest of my night was pretty uneventful b/c I had group meeting. I did get to try the new Reuben sandwich from Arby's for dinner. I decided I deserved a treat from giving blood. And went home and watched tv. I've decided that Thursday night tv is now CRAP b/c CSI isn't on anymore but bring on the holiday specials!

In other happy news, if you're my friend on facebook, you saw that I bought a Garmin Forerunner 405 on Amazon here for $137!!! It's not refurbished, it's brand new. I couldn't pass up that price and dubbed it my Happy Birthday to me present! Now I can run and not drain my phone's battery to nothing while using the Nike+ app (as much as I love it!). Feel free to click on the link if you can't live without one for that price too.  It was even SR approved in her runners Christmas list.  

                          Garmin Forerunner 405 Water Resistant Running GPS With Heart Rate Monitor and USB ANT Stick (Black)
Anyway, it's waiting on my doorstep, so if you get to my house before me, don't steal it! :)

Tonight, I'm off to get my nails done again with the Shellac stuff b/c I have the old stuff on and it's been 5 weeks! This stuff is amazing!! I'm not sure what color I should go with. The reason so the beautification is that Erin is graduating from WSU tomorrow!!! Yay Erin!!
Erin's fancy cap!

Do you give blood? Know your blood type?

What's your favorite band? Have you seen them live? I've seen Theory 3 times before but only once in the 5 years that I've lived out west. Of course they always hit my home area when I'm not there, but never VIP!!!!

What are your weekend plans? Erin's grad party, sushi with a friend and football. I'd like to get a run in on Sunday. Maybe I will get at least 5 in this weekend. Gotta set the goal somewhere. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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