Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Yes, I am being a crabbypants and I am still bitter over the extremely poor showing that the Steelers exhibited last night. It was just sad to watch. If Ben was that hurt and threw 2 interceptions in the first two possessions, sit him down and put Batch or Dixon in who at least have 2 good feet!


Ok I'm sorry that I'm still pouting...

Last night I received a package from Darlene @ My First 5K  from the Secret Santa Sock Swap and it had a whole bunch of racing goodies in it! Did I remember to take a picture of it all? No. So I will be posting about it again tomorrow but wanted Darlene to know that I loved it and Courtney to know I enjoyed the whole experience!!


Tonight I have set the goal that I am going to do the p90x Core Synergistics video and work on my Running journal since I have my first entry to put in from Saturday's run.

What are you up to tonight? I'm not gonna lie, but I'm going to be totally lost without BL being on! What am I going to do with myself?

The Garmin name winner is: Curie because I'm nerdy like that and feel I need to keep the trend going. Thanks Tori for that name suggestion!!

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