Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sock Swap & 1st Virtual Race

Good Hump Day to all!

I have been more productive today at work than I have been, so *high five* to me!!

Last night, I had all intentions of doing the p90x Core Synergistics video. When I got home I was HANGRY, so I ate some rotisserie chicken and a bit of potato salad and sat on the couch for it to digest before sweating. It turns out that my "digesting" turned into a nap b/c I fell asleep on the couch in my workout clothes and woke up about 9pm. At that point, I was over the idea of working out, but tonight it's on! For serious!

I also was a good blogger and took pictures of my goods that I got in the mail. First is the Sock Swap running goods from Darlene @ She did a good job of blog stalking me and knew of my upcoming half marathon in March and sent me fueling goods. I'm looking forward to trying the GU Brew powder and the Nuun in lemon lime b/c I'm not a big fan of the flavor I have now. And a 'runner girl' magnet for my car!!

The other package I got was from a Schwaggle deal I got from It was for 2 pairs of Recovery socks for $42 with free shipping. I went with the pink and lime green ones!

I'm excited to try them out and compare them to the Zoot and old man ones I currently have.

I also got a box from my Aunt Bev/ Fairy Godmother with a Christmas tree in it since I told her I wasn't busting out my 1 footer this year. So, she sent me a LED 4 incher instead!! SUPER CUTE!!

It's totaally on my tv where my 1 footer would have been. I turn it on when I get home at night.

Also being in the festive spirit, I signed up for my first virtual race. It's a 10K and takes place this weekend. It fits perfectly into my plans b/c I was thinking of doing the big loop in Pullman which is about 6 miles and since I have my Garmin now I can run around til I get my mileage! :)

The 1st Annual
Home for the Holidays Virtual 10K

Go to the link and sign up for yourself!! There are some really great prizes and it's a great way to get the Christmas/ Hanukkah festivities started by working up a sweat so you can eat those Christmas cookies. 

Have you ever fallen asleep in your workout clothes before a workout? I felt like such a dork when I woke up but it's on tonight. Feel free to chirp at me on twitter @vbace18 to make sure I do it!

I might be off to see Sherlock Holmes with coworkers but I REALLY want to see the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Has anyone seen it yet?


  1. great post. I just signed up to do that virtual run as well. Desperate for miles so I thought thay may help! I LOVE recovery socks so hope you like them! No girl should be sporting old man socks. :) I will try to twat you later!

  2. Yayyy virtual racing. So glad you signed up and got to do not one but two :)