Thursday, December 15, 2011

No Finals = Still Crazy

Hello all!

Sorry I kind of fell off the planet for a few days but Grad School duties took over. I got to have coffee and great conversation with Jess at school on Tuesday!! Tuesday night I had to proctor the Organic Chemistry exam from 7-9pm (barf!). I rushed home from that to watch the BL Finale. I don't know what there was about this season but everyone looked amazing!! I really wanted Antone to win but I think he was a winner b/c he had a body fat percentage of 15%!!! He looked better than any of his football pictures I had seen! Good job Antone!

I was happy for John that he won but I wasn't a big fan of his attitude the whole time. It seemed like he was going to stomp on anyone who got in his way of the BL prize.

I'm not sure I liked the format change of not weighing in everyone but just weighing in the top 3. I like the excitement that that part of the show brings. Jenifer looked great!! I wonder how much time there was between the marathon and the finale. I was also kind of disappointed for Debbie that she had only lost 30 something lbs. Don't get me wrong, that's totally awesome, but not up to par as far as the BL standards have been set in the past even if you get sent home first.

Yesterday was pretty much a whirlwind. I went to school at the regular time and graded Organic exams from 9-10:30. Then I went and picked up Cecile, my French Post Doc, and took her to the airport in Spokane because she's going back to France to a real job after being here for 2 years. She helped me so much! I miss her already!! I drove back from Spokane and came back to finish grading. The boys had even saved me some pizza!! I thought I was done grading about 5 and came to my office and putzed around and payed bills and such and found out I had missed a few exams. I graded them and headed home about 7. I should have gone to the gym but I was completely exhausted from being in the car for almost 4 hours and grading just zaps your eyes!! Sadly, I was a bum and sat on the couch and watched tv last night.

As I'm writing this post, I saw an event that Courtney Rainville who's from Lewiston, ID will be in Lewiston on Sunday at a froyo shop. I'm totally going! Anyone in the area want to go with me?

Oh! I mailed my Secret Santa and Christmas Sock exchange presents this morning! If you're participating, have you sent yours yet? I love getting stuff in the mail!!

Have a great day!
What did you think about the BL Finale?
PS. It's snowing here!! It makes my heart happy!!


  1. I agree, I thought Antone looked better and I just liked him better. Oh well.
    Yay for Secret Santa! Mine went out Monday!

  2. I wanted Antone to win as well. But I am totally excited for next season - only Bob and Dolvett. It will be a showdown of the hottie trainers - woo hoo!

  3. Grading is definitely the worst part of having a career in higher ed!