Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Migraine is Dead

It took longer than I would have liked, but I have finally beaten then migraine and it has left me!!

Yesterday, I can't say that I was very productive at work b/c my face was throbbing the whole time. I was able to feel better by about 5 and went home and changed into workout clothes and then met Erin at Walmart for a few things. I finally got my cats some dry cat food and they were very thankful! So thankful that one of them barfed on a piece of paper in my bedroom in the middle of the night! YAY!

I went to my BOSU Abs class and just getting the blood pumping made my headache go away. So, after 30 mins of abs, I decided that I was up for a bit of a run. I decided to get a somewhat of a speed workout in. I warmed up and then would run at 7mph or 8:34 min/mile for one minute and then slowed it down for 2 minutes to let my heart rate come down. I did this for a mile and ended up being about 13 minutes long. It felt good to run that fast but I know I could never keep that pace for very long. I also tried out my new Reebok Runtone shoes. I haven't really noticed a difference but they seem very cushy and they don't look like those hideous things that Sketchers put out. I will keep you posted.
After my little run, I went home and made some dinner. I was debating between a veggie burger on a bun thin or an egg sandwich. I decided on an open faced egg sandwich with cheese and salsa. They ended up being 5 pts + each b/c I used 1 pt bread.

After watching some horrible tv, because none of the good stuff has really started yet, I went to water the garden and look what I found!
The first picking of the year!! They may be small and only a handful, but they are the start and there's plenty more on the plants. They just need to turn red now! 

Tonight, I have group meeting and a late softball game! I'm calling it Cross Training. :) Have a good night everyone!

Anyone want some chives or rosemary?

Do you have a garden? How's it going?

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  1. ahhhhh! so jealous that you have a garden!!!! SOME day I will have one...I hope :) your food looks delish and your run was awesome! glad you are feeling better!