Monday, August 15, 2011

Crazy Weekend #2

Hello all!
It was a busy/crazy weekend as I had predicted, but it was good!

Friday: I went home and made a batch of chicken and shrimp fajitas with mushrooms, green peppers and onions. I doctored them up on the tortilla with RF refried beans, WW cheese and light sour cream, oh so much sour cream! :)
Not pretty, but delicious!
I was planning on having 2 of those bad boys but was stuffed after one! Then, I got all sorts of domestic and made 2 loaves of zucchini bread with applesauce that turned out amazing! I gave half a loaf to my new neighbor, Lisa, and ate the other half of that loaf myself Friday night (it was all eaten before I remember to take a picture)! Later, I gathered all my stuff for my early start to get my long run + 5K in.

Saturday: My alarm went off at 5:30. I gathered my fuel and drink and donned my spandex outfit ( I looked hot! haha)! I was in the car and on my way to moscow by 6:15ish and was warmed up and on the trail by about 6:30. I was thinking about doing 7 on the trail and rounding out to 10 with the 5K after but there aren't and 0.5 mile markers, so I just went to 4 and came back. 

It was a bit of a struggle and I cramped til about 3.5 but then I went into autopilot mode and was good for the rest of the way back to my car. I did the 8 miles in 1:45 with a 12:04/mile pace, which was even slower than last week. Ugg! I hope to get my speed back up here soon! I got back to my car, popped my nuun tab into my waterbottle with water and drank it. I have the Tropical flavor and can't really say that I'm a fan of this one.

I walked over the the registration table for the Dash for Cash 5k that was a fundraiser for the United Way in Latah County. I got my shirt and number and entered to win an ipad. I dropped my extra stuff off at the car and when I was back Erin and her cousin were there, followed by her mom. We waited around a bit and the race finally started about 10 mins late. I totally forgot to grab my camera. Oops!

I started out pretty good but was going too fast (about a 10min pace) and my legs got angry. I was going strong for about a mile and needed a walk break. I did good until right before the turn around where the water station was. I swear they were giving out only thimble sized cups of water! I should have taken 2! I made the turn and little cousin was there and asked me to wait up for her. I did and then she didn't want to run anymore, so I took off. I ran a good part of the way and needed a walk break. I was cursing myself for not taking my fuelbelt with me that still had some powerade in it from my 8 miler and had my fuel. I could have used some fuel at mile 2! I didn't have any, so I walked. I was able to pick it back up til the end and finished with a miserable 5K time of 46:52. 

After the race, I downed about 15 orange slices and a banana. I was given a water bottle and filled that with gatorade twice and water once. There were cookies but I was good and refrained. Erin's mom won time in a money booth! We stood around and talked for a while and then Erin and I went to the Farmers' Market. I went to my usual stand and they didn't have any of their tomato herb bread so I bought some of their onion/dill bread which is not as good but still very yummy! I also bought a cinnamon roll b/c I thought I deserved it and some cherries for $1/lb but they ended up not being so good. I think the cherry season is about done.

I came home and coma-ed for a while. I got to watch diving and skateboarding. I finally regrouped enough to shower and un-stinkify myself. I then did my good deed for the day and picked up a new first year grad student that is sans car and took him to Moscow so he would get internet, stuff to eat off of (plates) and stuff to eat with (silverware). I even scored some necklaces, nail polish and a dog hair rake for Heif!

I dropped him off and went home to coma some more on the couch. Then it was time to get ready for the Jackson Blue show! Here are some poor pictures b/c it was SUPER dark in the bar!
Laura rocking our socks off

Jackson Blue

Guitarist, Tell, with his glow-in-the-dark strings
I was a good friend and stayed til close even though I could have totally fallen asleep at 11:30! They did a great job at their first John's Alley show! I went home and collapsed into bed about 3am!

Sunday: My alarm went off at 8 and I snoozed it at least 3 times. I decided I was going to get up and got ready. I grabbed some breakfast and was on my way to Starbucks for some tea before 9. I got my cup of love and on my way out saw a lovely line of sorostitutes stretching out the door. I had gotten there just in time! Then it was off to Merry Cellars!

I decided that I was going to help bottle my favorite kind of wine that Merry Cellars makes, which is called Dolce Vita. It's a blackberry grape wine that is sweet like drinkable candy! YUMM! I got to take pictures of the process!
The first part of the process

Emtpy, disinfected bottles ready to be filled
Filling bottles. Does this remind anyone else of milking a cow?
Cork time!
Corked bottles ready for the wax!
Waxing the caps to make them look fancy!
Cooling the hot wax
Finished product but without labels
All those boxes are full!
I think we did about 210 cases with 12 bottles in each case! I was there from 9:15-4:15 and we took a break for lunch and the winery fed us! It was a great day and I learned a lot and "got paid" with 3 bottles of wine. Thank you very much!

I came home and filled up Heif's baby pool and did lovely things around the house like pick up dog poop and clean the litter box and ran the Kirby. My house doesn't look as much as a disaster area as it once did! The dishes are my next feat to tackle! Ugg!

What did you do this weekend? 
What Nuun flavor do you like best? B/c the Tropical isn't working for me. 


  1. Wow! Your weekends are crazy!! :) Saturday alone would have done me in.

  2. that winery looks so fun!! and they paid you in wine??? ummm amazing. I have been liking the orange nuun flavor but I won it in a giveaway and have never tried any other flavor. i really want to get some peach tea gu brew. I had a sample of those a few weeks ago and it was SO GOOD!!!!