Monday, August 8, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend + Concert

Friday: I was lame and hung out at home but went to bed early b/c I was getting up early to get my long run in for the week.

Saturday: My alarm went off at 4:30 but it was still to dark to do anything so I hit the snooze a few times. I got up and ate my protein oats and got my fuel and liquids together. I was on my way to the Chipman Trail and the bank thermometer said it was 50 degrees! It turns out that you can see your breath when it's 50 out and that's REALLY cold when you are running in a tank top. My goal was to do 11 miles but by the time I got to the 5 mile mark my legs were still crampy and I didn't want to go any further. I felt like I was running through pudding b/c my legs were really heavy and I was only running a 11:30 pace instead of my average 10:30 that I had done the weekend before. I just trudged along and finished my 10 miles in 2:14. I felt good when I was done and ever happier to just be done. I was glad that I have now gotten in 2 long runs in 2 weekends in a row!

I drove home, showered, put on my bathing suit and slathered myself in SPF 85 and laid on my bed and took a mini nap until I heard from Erin. I met her and her nephew at the Starbucks b/c I was in desperate need of a cup of tea.  I got my tea and we walked around the Farmers' Market while I had my HOT old man compression socks on with my clogs! Ha! I ended up with my awesome breakfast sandwich, a pesto pizza and a berry scone from the bakery place and got 2 zucchini and 2 yellow squash b/c they were 2 for $1. Not sure what I'm making with them but I predict some zucchini bread or muffins in my near future!

We left the market and then went to an Esate sale. I found a mini crockpot to make nacho cheese in, 2 shot glasses for measuring purposes and a nut grinder. I was hoping for some new-to-me cookie sheets but I'm guessing we missed out on those. After the sale, we were off to the water park! We arrived 15 minutes after it opened and stayed til about 3. I got nice and pink but b/c of my SPF slathering did not burn. YAY! I think the freckle explosion that is my body is now preventing the burnage.

I came home and changed and took another mini nap and waited for 5pm to roll around. I was meeting up with some new biker friends and we were going to ride to Moscow to go to an event called Hogfest that is a cancer fundraiser. Here are our bikes.

We ended up going to Gambino's after and I had an awesome Italian salad with flatbread that soaked up the dressing! It was good! Then, we went to Jamms for froyo. I tried this new topping called "mochi" which is a japanese marshmallow made from rice, I am told. They are delicate and yummy! A new favorite topping to add!

I came home and it was about 9 and I was pretty much pooped for the day!

Sunday: Today is concert day!! I had to dynamite myself out of bed at 9:30 so I could take a shower and do my concert makeup before I had to meet Erin in Moscow at 11:30. We were going down early b/c Erin has recently acquired a contact with the Touring Manager, Tyler, of the band Adelitas Way, which happens to be one of our favorite bands! AWESOME!! We happened to see the van just as we were getting into Lewiston. We let the boys get to the venue and get settled while we went up the hill to try a new to us froyo place. It didn't have as many flavors or toppings as Jamms but was still good!

We got word that things had settled and went back to the venue. The band boys decided on fast food, so we took Tyler to Zany Graze! I had the California chicken burger and sadly could only eat half. Curse you froyo this one time! After food, we went down to the river to put our feet in and then decided it smelled and there was too much skin exposed on other people that shouldn't be, so we left. We went back to the venue and just hung out til the show started. 

We got to meet some of the AW guys, especially the lead singer, Rick, who used to be a Chippendale dancer. *insert drool here* All of the guys were nice and it was fun to say that I hung out with famous rock stars! We even say the Hinder guys walk across the grass to the holding area before the doors opened to the public. We were able to snag the rail front and center and waited til 7:30 for the first band.
Concert time!!! YAY!!

The show opened with 9 Left Dead, who in my opinion weren't that bad but boy were they funny looking!
Next up was Egypt Central, which I thought I had only heard one of their songs but was mistaken and they were really good! And nice to look at!! :)

Hello abs!!!!
Then it was AW's turn! I was sad b/c you could hardly hear the vocals and I don't know their new album that well but that didn't take away from the show. Oh! And there were these older ladies next to us that totally threw Victoria's Secret thongs on to the stage!!!

Can you see the Chippendale in his past?! :)
Then Hinder, the headliner, came on. I have seen them a few times in the past and have been disappointed every time. This time, I was 3 feet from them and enjoyed every minute!!

He may be skinny, but I think he's cute!

We hung out with Tyler after the show b/c he was working the merch booth and I got Egypt Central to sign their set list that I got! Erin drove me back to my car and I was home and in bed by 1:10am. Needless to say, I am walking funny from sore calves from bouncing/rocking all night and am tired. It's going to be an early night for me!

Have you heard of any of these bands before?

Want to go to the 48 Hours Festival with me and Erin? AW is playing there too! We might get to meet some more bands! *girly giggle*

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  1. seriously...your weekends always sound SO FUN!!!!! all the food is making me so hungry so I gotta get on to dinner here in a second...haha. and your run! so awesome that you pushed through it...will definitely make you stronger but can totally relate to the heavy leg feeling...I was going through that this weekend too. i do not know about those bands but I just love concerts! have a good night!