Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Boo Grad School!

I didn't post yesterday b/c I had a very bad, horrible, no good day. Before I get into that, let's back up to Monday.

Monday after work, I met up with Erin at our lovely Hallway Mall in Moscow and was on the hunt for new jeans. My store of choice was Maurice's since I've been buying my jeans from there as of late b/c they seem to hold up much better than the Old Navy ones. Coincidence? I think not.

I ended up scoring 3 pairs of jeans. One lighter pair and 2 dark wash pairs. I even for short length ones for my stubby gams. I even had a Coupon for 20% off of my purchance, so I scored 3 pairs of jeans for about $73. Not too shabby if you ask me! And one of them was a 7/8!!! HOLLA! :)

After the mall, Erin and I headed to the Mothership that is Taco Bell. We haven't had the Bell in a while and thought we were due since we had the Hut last week and they no longer have the $6 Monday special. Boo Hut Boo! I went with the #2 which is the Grilled stuffed burrito combo that now includes a soft taco instead of the nachos, so I got a side of nachos as well. Why mess up a good thing?! And the GSB is now called XXL b/c they put guac and sour cream and probably some other stuff as well. I liked the old one but can't say I'll ever say no to the guac.

While at dinner, I checked my mail on my phone and was hit with a BOMB!!! I got an email telling me that I was assigned to a Teaching Assistantship this semester and I had been on a Research Assistantship for the past 2 years! This was pretty much a punch in the face and stomach! I fwd it to my boss asking if this was a mistake and the worry/sick feeling started... Good thing I ate my dinner before that! I made sure to drink all my Mnty Dew but don't think it made me feel any better.

I went home and stewed about the situation and went to bed early b/c I wanted to know what the freak was going on!

Tuesday: I wake up and see that I have an email from bossman at 5:30 saying that we will talk about it this morning. Not good! I get ready and go to school.

I sit down with bossman and it turns out it's not a mistake. I am TEACHING! I'm not totally upset by the fact because I like teaching. What I am upset by is that I feel I'm being punished by having to teach and later I find out that people have known for at least 2 weeks and no one told me! Totally blindsided! Then I go talk to the guy that sent me an email in the first place and plead for an organic teaching slot. I find out that they are full but there might be one slot opening up if someone gets put on an RA. Now I get to wait in the balance. Awesome! NOT!

Tuesday night, I got volunteer my time at the WSU volleyball scrimmage and learn how to do the scorekeeping and libero tracking b/c it's different than what I'm used to in USA VBall. It was fun, but I can't say that I have high hopes for the team this year, but they do have a new coach and are mostly freshmen.

Wednesday: I found out this morning that I got the organic position and all is well better in my life. I am teaching something that I'm comfortable with and have taught 3 times before. It's a 300 level class so I don't have to deal with complete idiots that you can get in 100 levels. I teach all day on Thursday and have random office hours. But nothing on Monday or Friday so my trip to Vegas is still a go and I don't have to have anyone cover for me. My trip home is another issue and I don't care b/c I was promised this vacation in May and

Ok. I think I am done venting. I think. It's just another hoop for me to jump through so I can graduate. I think after all of my fun ends in October, I'm going to be a hermit so I can write up and get the flock out of P-town!

Anyone else out there hating grad school right now or have an experience like this?

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  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. grad school. why do you have to be SO crazy. i feel like our program is constantly doing things and then not telling us because "it wasn't all set in stone yet." ummmmmm what does that even mean???

    last year MID-FALL SEMESTER...they changed the entire curriculum, taking out classes that I had ALREADY taken and switching around the entire schedule so that any classes we had planned on taking the following semester were no longer the ones offered. DUH. what a dumb thing.

    you are much better than me though. I avoid teaching at all costs. NO THANKS on that one. I am glad it worked out for you though and you got a class that you enjoy and have taught before!