Thursday, August 11, 2011

Steak Night...Again!

Yes ladies and gents... tonight I will again be attending steak night! Who's excited and has two thumbs? This girl!

Nothing exciting happened yesterday. I did go to Walmart after I got home from group meeting and did snag some good finds. Did I forget to take pictures of said finds? Yes I did, but I will try to make up with pictures tomorrow.

I got cilantro, lemons, limes, WW frozen blocks of food, veggie burgers (to try them out), pre-packaged chicken, shrimp eggrolls  that were only 110 calories and 2 g of fat!, milk, broccoli,  CHOCOLATE Whipped Cream in a can(!!!!), regular whipped cream in a can, the tp that I was main there after and zipper quart baggies.

On my way out I spotted a reduced section. If you know me, you know that I am a bargain whore! I ended up with 3 different kinds of salsa @ 1.50 ea, a packet of organic roasted banana baby food (I just wanted to try it!) @ .48, fruit shaped and flavored marshmallows @ .78, FiberOne blueberry muffin mix @ 2.00, a box of roasted corn and a box of vegetable soup @ 2.00 ea, and a box of cheezits @ 1.00.

I probably didn't need any of those things but I couldn't say no and some of them I just wanted to try! I forgot to show you these lovelies that I picked up the other day.
Anyone jealous? :)
I came home and unpacked my goods. I chopped up the broccoli and cauliflower that I had, sprayed it down with olive oil and roasted it in the oven for 18 mins. I was planning on making a salmon packet with mushrooms and onions but when I opened the salmon it didn't smell so good! Poop! It went into the garbage and instead I had a shrimp eggroll and pretzels and salsa for dinner. I did have a few roasted green and white trees after they were done too! Quite yummy! I think I only have the pineapple left from my produce explosion to chop up and eat. I'm still bummed about the icky salmon. I had big plans for that thing!

After dinner, I watered the garden and it was about 9pm. I totally could have gone to bed then but decided I needed to un-channel my 80 year old self and stay up a little later. I would have really liked a cup of tea but not the idea of being up a bajillion times in the night having to potty! I decided that 10pm was an ok bedtime. It was only ok if I got up at 5 and went running in the morning. So, I set my alarm and went to bed.

I didn't have tea but still had to go at 4am. Crap! I had a hard time getting back to sleep and when my alarm went off at 5, I hit snooze a few times and then just gave up and turned it off. I decided if I was that tired, my body needed the sleep more than it needed the sweat. I did have good intentions though.

Do you ever have old lady nights? Do you try and work out in the mornings then to combat this? I'm still not big into early morning workouts during the week but I don't mind it on the weekend b/c I can go back to sleep after I'm done. H

How do you people do it?!


  1. I'm an "early to bed early to rise" type of person, and my husband HATES that I'm that way. He doesn't like my alarm going off at 4:00 a.m. (sometimes before) ...I don't understand it. :)

  2. omg. you are killing me with the german chocolate cake marshmallows. i would seriously LOVE those. love bargains. they make me feel all happy inside...not kidding. i get like a high from it. bahaha. have a wonderful weekend!