Friday, August 12, 2011

Day Before Crazy Weekend #2

Hello everyone!!

Before Steak Night, Melissa, Erin and I went and got our toes did. The other ladies got full pedis, where as I just got a color change. I was over my chipped hooker red and was envious of Erin's electric blue toes, so that's what I got. Blue is my favorite color, btw, if you didn't know. Please excuse my Hobbit feet.

Steak night was everything I was hoping that it would be! I didn't take any pictures b/c we were by some weird neon red sign that made everything look like it was funny colors but you can see what steak night is all about here. I only had 3 cookies. I had to try one of each flavor! Duh!
I saw this on the way out the door! :)
Here are the pictures of the goodies from my Walmart trip that I promised you. Yumm-O!

Also, yesterday I got my awesome deal compression socks by Zoot in the mail!!!! I ordered them from and they were regularly $60 but on clearance for $20 and I found a 10% off code online to bring them down to $17 something! One awesome thing I learned about RW is that they have free 2-day shipping in the 48 states! No one does that! Or so I think. Since I have ginormous calves that are 17" around, I needed a size IV and I got the blue and white ones b/c I figured that would be better looking than my black old man socks. I tried them on last night

I think it's funny that they have a L and an R sock. I guess I thought I could figure this out on my own, but maybe not? I tried them on and they didn't feel like they were squeezing the life out of my legs that I sometime feel with the old man socks. So what did I do? I slept in them! They were heavenly and I'm looking forward to wearing them on my long run + 5K tomorrow.

With that, tomorrow I have the start of my Fall Race Madness. I have a 5K this weekend called the Dash for Cash which is a fundraiser for the local United Way. I'm hoping for a good time b/c I'm going to warm up for it with a 7 or 10 miler, depending on how saucy I feel in the morning.

Saturday night, Jackson Blue, my friend Laura's band, is playing at one of the popular live band bars in Moscow, ID called John's Alley. I'm trying to get as many bodies in that place as I can!

Sunday, I've decided to take a chill day at least for the afternoon and have an Emma Stone movie marathon at the theater. I'm going to see 'The Help' at 12:00 and then see 'Crazy, Sexy, Love' at 3:30. I can't say this was an original idea b/c I totally stole it from Cely @ Running Off the Reese's.I will be going to the movies with her in spirit b/c Texas is too hot and too far away!

After the movies, I'm not sure what my plan is but maybe just to relax b/c the new first year students come to town and start TA training on Monday. *evil laugh* It's definitely a right of passage but ends up being a poopy jam packed week of stupid crap to do and then you get to start the craziness that are classes. Yay grad school!

What are you doing this weekend? Any races out there?
I'm officially T- one month until I get to go home for my first real vacation away from P-town in about a year and a half and my first 1/2 Marathon with my mom!!! I hope I can be productive in this next month and maybe get my paper done and make bossman happy before I leave. :D

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  1. RW is the total bomb. Just got shoes from there. Love the socks! I love all things Zoot!