Friday, August 5, 2011

Produce Explosion!

Last night after work, I hurried home, let Heif out and changed my motorcycle boots for flip flops and met my friend Kara for froyo in Moscow. I would have taken a picture but I ate it before thinking about the whole picture thing. I had the cake batter/pb swirl with graham cracker dust, yogurt chips, strawberries, raspberries, mango, brownie bits and topped with marshmallow cream! It was quite a masterpiece!

After chatting for a while, I went to the Rosaur's (a grocery chain) 13 hour Produce sale and scored big! Here's what I got...
bananas .37/lb
strawberries 1lb for 1.47 x 3
corn 3/.99
green bell peppers 3/.99 x2
2lb bag of sweet onions 1.47
red and green grapes .97/lb
peaches .97/lb
KIND bars 1.67 x4
Coconut water (to try) 1.99
bag of spinach .97
bag of tri colored coleslaw .97
califlower .97/lb
pineapple .87/lb
5lb bag of potatoes 2.47
2 lb bag of carrots 1.57 x2
all for $50.... with a savings of $46!!!!

I came home and chopped up the peppers and strawberries and some bananas and put them in the freezer b/c there would be no way that I would eat all of it before it went bad. I need to chop up the pineapples tonight. I'm going to make mashed califlower and need to boil some corn tonight. I think the peppers and onions will make great stir-frys or fajitas.

After all my goods were put away and/or chopped, I ate my last zucchini boat and watched some SYTYCD. I'm excited for the finale next week. They have some really good dancers this year! And thankfully, Mary Murphy was covered last night! I channel surfed for a while and waited to hear from Erin b/c she was in a movie and we had some stuff to talk about and wanted to meet up. She forgot to text me when she was in Pullman, so I met her at Shari's, which I would somewhat compare to Perkin's and we had some of the best pie and I had a cup of tea. We split slices of chocolate pb and a s'mores pies. They were heavenly! I think the choco pb was better!

What are Erin and I plotting do you ask? We are working on planning a trip to Vegas during Oct. 14-17 to go to an EPIC rock concert that is brand new and called the 48 hours festival. If anyone out there is interested in coming to Vegas and joining in on the fun, we are going to stay in Erin's parent's timeshare condo and would be happy to split the cost. :)

This is going to be a busy weekend! But I think I'm going to start it by hanging out at home and kicking back with some redbox b/c I got a code for .50 off a rental! Any redbox suggestions? Since the weekend is going to be so nuts, I'm planning on doing my long run tomorrow morning so I have enough energy to bounce around at the concert Sunday night!! There might even be a chance that we can hang out with Adelitas Way b/c Erin might have gotten us an in! :D I will keep you posted!! (I am taking my memory stick out of my computer now, so I don't forget it again!)

What fun things do you have planned for the weekend? Any races going on where you are?

Anyone want to go to Vegas with us?! :)

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  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! VEGAS. love that place. maybe I need to come down there..haha! too bad its not the next weekend in October...I would already be there! all that produce sounds yummy :)

    this weekend I am RELAXING. oh and I scored front row seats to the Real Salt Lake soccer game tomorrow! yeah yeah!