Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crazy Wednesday Report

Well let's see...

My day started off wonderfully by massacring my thumb in the shower with my shampoo bottle. I'm not exactly sure how this happened but the bottle slipped and the next thing I know, I'm bleeding. Here's the damage...
Since I'm such an idiot, the damage took 2 band-aids b/c the wounds were too far apart. Doh! Please ignore the nerdy background of my thumb. :)

I came to work and played with some magnets and got some reactions started and had group meeting at 5. I was antsy the whole time b/c I knew it was going to be a long one and I wanted to get out early b/c I had a softball game in Moscow which is about a 15 min drive. We got out at 6:40. I power walked to my motorcycle, got home, let Heif out, changed, grabbed some food and was in the car by 7:03. Not bad. 

I got to the field and the game before us was only in the 5th inning of 7 so I took a little warm up run b/c I was still kinda sore from catching on Monday. It's amazing what kind of muscles you use when squatting instead of running. Weird!

I was playing catcher again. I'm feeling more comfortable in this position and it's slow pitch so nothing really crazy happens at home. Not too long into the game, our first base player had an incident and it looked like her arm was broken. I must have been gawking at something b/c I totally missed that something had happened but everyone was running toward her. It didn't look good from the start and it turns out that she fractured and dislocated her wrist! What this translates to is that Erin who was acting as our sub now, to her chagrin, has to play. 

We ended up winning with a score of something like 14-7. I got on base twice and scored once!! Yay!! It was a much better night than Monday's game except for the breakage. 

After the game, I was famished and Erin and I went to Champion's, a sports bar in Moscow, and the GB game was on! I desperately looked for Kevin Greene on the bench (he's a coach) but no luck.
Post game grainy picture
One good thing we found out about Wednesday night at Champions... it's $2.50 shot night! So I got 2 to sip on and Erin and I shared a wimpy basket of fries that was not heaping like the menu had stated.
Sandcastle (amazing!) and Green Lantern (yummy!)
Both of these drinks were new to me but very amazing. I think next time I need to try the sandcastle in a drink. Then, Erin and I went to the Bagel Shop for a duh! bagel! Erin went were her plain bad self and got one with just cream cheese. I got what was called a 'Denver'. It had egg, ham, green pepper, onion and cheese. I was planning on taking a picture but the food-gasims didn't allow for photography. 

We left about 10:20 and then it was time for bed! It was a long crazy day!


  1. wow...hope that thumb heals quickly. i am always getting attacked by crazy things. haha. LOVE softball and so glad you are enjoying it and that your team is doing well! and what a fun night out with a friend :) sounds like a great day in my book!

  2. I think cuts in the shower always hurt worse! Something about wet skin... Heal quickly! :)