Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Weekend in Pictures...Kinda

First I would like to apologize b/c I didn't document the weekend as well as I could have, but I did have a lot of fun, so here goes...

Backing up to Monday that I already posted about, here is my Taco Bell dinner....mmm!
I'm still sad that they changed out the nachos for a taco but I'll get over it. 

Fast forwarding to Thursday, my friend from France, Stephanie and her mom came to Pullman to surprise everyone! We ended up leaving work early (bossman's suggestion) and went to the local restaurant that we have been frequenting for appetizers and beverages. I got my usual house gingerale and the 3 spreads and bread app that has pita, hummus, tapenade and tomato chutney. It was delish!

After the bar, I went home to chill. I watered the garden and was watching tv when Steph asked me to go to dinner with them! I haven't seen her in about 2 years, so I jumped on the chance! I had a reuben with a side salad and only ate half of my sandwich. It was quite good and the bread wasn't hard and didn't hurt the roof of my mouth like it usually does. I had a bite of some key lime cheesecake too. We said our good-byes but it was SOOOO great to see her again! Just before we left, she gave me an 'Old Dirty Bastard' donut from VooDoo Donuts in Portland. You need to go if you've never been! (I've technically never been but have had them and they are amazing!)

Friday was a busy day all around! It started with departmental pictures at 10, which I got a new one so I don't look fat in the hallway anymore. I could have retaken it before but kept it up there as a horrible reminder. Now it's gone. At 11, a bunch of us left for the All Campus Picnic that started at 11. I had a burger, fruit, potato salad and a cookie and water. It was good for what it was. Then I walked around the track and stopped at the booths that were handing out free stuff. I ended up with a poster, a cup, lots of coupons and info about stuff going on at school this semester. I walked back and it was only noon. I got some work done and left work a bit early b/c the National Lentil Festival was downtown Pullman that night.

I ended up falling asleep on the couch b/c it was quite hot but made it downtown about 5:20 and had a bowl of the 350 gallons of lentil chili that they serve every year. It's always good but is always a bit spicy. After walking around a bit, I decided on some Native American fry bread for dinner. I was like an elephant ear but thicker and just as good! Then it was late enough that I started seeing people I knew. I wandered around with them for a bit and came upon a stand that had something Erin would love!

I ended up buying a zebra and blue clutch from this stand but didn't take a picture of it. I'm sure it will appear eventually. We walked around the street fair a bit more and I ended up getting the autographs of the WSU baseball team! Boy do those kids look super young! Eeks! I ended up leaving the party about 9 b/c I was tired and had a 5K in the morning.

Saturday: I was up and moving about 7 and the race started at 8. I couldn't find my armband for my phone, so I just opted to carry it. Running at 8am is MUCH different than running at 5-6:30am. It's sooooo much hotter! This must be why I'm usually finishing my long runs at this time b/c I cook easily. The first mile was all uphill and then I was super crampy. Sadly I did walk some of the race but it was either that or a DNF. I had a time of 43 mins which is pretty horrible in my book but it served as a warm up b/c I was going to be playing softball the rest of the day. 

Asako, one of my post docs who did the race with me, and I went to Starbucks for some tea and then I drove her home b/c she walked there. I changed my clothes, checked on Heif and re-loaded my liquids and was out the door again. We didn't win any games but I had fun and it served as a good warm up for the league that Erin and I are in this fall. (I've never been in a softball league before!)
Erin batting
Chris our "coach" for the league team
After playing 3 games of softball, this is what your feet look like!
Dirt tan!!
After I cleaned up for softball, it was time to get ready for the Hillbilly Prom that Laura's band was playing at!

I had to text Laura and ask her what hillbilly makeup looked like and she was amused. I ended up with a toned down version of concert makeup and some light blue eye shadow. That's the best I could do. 

I took some pizza to Melissa's place b/c that's where we were meeting up and pre-funking. We made it to the bar just after 9 and the band started at 9. Here are some pictures from early in the night.
me, Mel, Erin

Nico, Mel, Erin, Chris

My hillbilly get-up
Sunday was the Chemistry Department BBQ and a day of recovery. Haha.

How was your weekend?
I think I've decided to not do the 10K I had planned b/c I don't feel like driving to Spokane myself when I can run around here for free.

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