Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Free Pop

Yesterday I was pretty good and worked on the nerd research paper that I'm working on. I have my introduction section approved by my post doc and we went over the draft of the experimental and results sections yesterday. I felt much better coming out of this meeting than the first one that I left. I feel like I am getting more comfortable with scientific writing and what and how stuff is supposed to look and sound like. It's soooo much easier to critique other papers but it is another beast to actually write them!

A little after 3, a guy with a cooler came into our office. He was from one of the local radio stations and brought us free pepsi products! I am all on top of stuff that's free or discounted if you didn't know yet, now you do! In the cooler were some limited edition Mnty Dews.
They definitely weren't as good as the real deal but I drank the strawberry melon one. The grape one was just kinda gross. That one got dumped. 

After work, I went home to take care of Heif and then met Erin in Moscow at the Pizza Hut! It turns out that the internet lied and the $6 Monday Special is now over. We ended up with the $8 one topping Med option. I had shrooms and Erin had pepperoni. Of course we washed it down with Mnty Dew! What else could you drink when Pepsi products are around?!

After the Hut, we met a man about signing up for a co-ed softball league. Erin got roped in and was gonna do it with her cousin but she got preggers with twins so Erin asked me to fill in. Softball is by no means my sport of choice, but I have been known to hit and catch a ball once in a while. I think I'm just excited to meet some new people. I will keep you posted. Games start in 2 weeks.

Since we met the man, I was late in getting home for the Bachelor Pad. What I saw of last night, I was kind of disappointed. There were a couple people that I didn't even know who they were and then there were douchy people like Vienna and Kasey. Does anyone else not like them too?

I liked the challenge b/c I'm sure it's harder than it looks to hold your body weight up in the air for any period of time. I don't think I have any favorites yet but I can tell you that the older lady with the skin colored bedazzled dress needs to go! That was just not pretty!!

What did you think of the B Pad? I have a feeling that we are in for some good explosions and I think Ames seemed all innocent and cute compared to the other people. If you didn't watch it last night, look away now. I'm SOOOOO glad that "the Wrestler" is gone already! I don't know how much more I could have handled him!

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  1. love pizza. love softball. i am supposed to play this fall as well but have not heard anything yet. oh. and I LOVE free stuff at work. i jump all over it. B. pad was crazy dramatic. i had to go to bed before it was over because it was just too much B pad for one night. haha. i do love Ames though. he is so sweet.