Thursday, August 4, 2011

Running with Friends

This may seem like the game 'Words with Friends' that I don't play but know about, but this post is not. :) Last night I went running with a friend for the first time, EVER! I wasn't sure about it getting started b/c I'm used to running b myself. You don't feel like you need to talk when you're by yourself.

Going in, I had lots of questions in my mind. Do you talk the whole time? What if I get tired and need to slow down? What if I get a major case of the farts?! There are lots of possible things that could happen that you don't think twice when you're running alone.

We started running and talking. That didn't last long. I got too winded and just ran. Then my legs were getting angry at me, so I slowed down and just let them go. I was hoping for 5 miles but at 7pm when we started it was still about 82 degrees, which I realized was too hot after I got to the 2 mile marker and turned around and it was much cooler! I was about an hour too early to get the good running stuff in.

After my giantly awesome run on Sunday, I have decided that I run better/faster when it's cooler and my legs are fresh in the day. Good thing that most races start early in the morning! :)

After running, I came home and widdled away at my zucchini boat. I have enough left for dinner tonight! I sat and watched SYTYCD. Was anyone else appauled by Mary Murphy's fun bags being so exposed, and droopy and ORANGE?! EWW! I couldn't help myself but stare! It was NOT GOOD! Please, MM put those things away next time!

I watered the garden and then got ready for bed. Yes, I am approaching the verge of being geriatric! Thanks!
Here are some updated pics of my garden! Stuff is growing, but nothing ready to eat except the herbs. Anyone want some chives?
Baby roma tomaoes

Budding pepper plant

Monstrous tomato plants that tried to die on me, once upon a time

Beets, carrots, and onions at the top

Rosemary, chives and thyme

Were you horrified by MM's chesticles being all kinds of out?!

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  1. SO jealous of your garden!!!! ahhh...i cant wait to have a garden some day...although I pretty much kill all plants. ;)