Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Goodbye B!

Before I get to those shenanigans, here's what I did last night...

I ended up getting engrossed with the research paper that I'm working on and didn't leave work til 7pm! Lame, I know! Poor Heif really had to pee when I got home and I'm such a bad dog mommy that I forgot to put the box fan in front of his crate yesterday morning! I won't forget that one again!

I called Mother and got the details on how to make zucchini boats out of my overly large zucchini from the market on Saturday and this is what I got.
I was too hungry/ impatient to wait for them to be done cooking so I snacked on market bread and butter while I waited. This stuff could totally be a drug!
I did not eat half of the loaf, or maybe I did. :)
I was good and watered the garden and my lavender bush and then plopped down on the couch. It turned out that it was about 9:20 and I had totally lost time and even forgot that the B was on! The Horror! The good part about this is that I missed Ashley's family meeting the boys. I think I might see what happened with JP b/c it seems to have been worth watching. 

I felt bad for Ben but she should have stopped him before he got on his knee. I mean, really?! You don't let someone go through with it if you're gonna reject them. I watched some of the 'After the Rose' but I think if I heard Ashley call JP 'Baby' one more time I was going to barf. Don't get me wrong. I like mushy stuff. You should see the collection of chick flicks that I have, but Ashley being mushy repulsed me for some reason. BLECH!

Bring on the Bachelor Pad!!! I can't wait for this show and the debauchery that it will bring. *teehee*

When I was getting ready to go to bed I saw this lovely snoozing creature. Isn't he cute?!

What did you think of the B? Was having it on 2 nights in a row just too much for you too?!

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  1. B PAD is going to be crazyyyyyyyyy. wow. we are going to have to totally deliberate after every episode. bachelorette: agree about the ben thing...cant believe she let him propose. but kinda funny because i found him on twitter today and his profile says "failed marriage proposer" bahaha. at least he has good humor about it.

    that bread looks yummy!