Friday, September 2, 2011

So busy, I'm boring

Hello everyone!

I've kind of fallen off the map for the past few days, but I'm still working on figuring out my schedule with this whole teaching thing again.

Let's back up a little bit to Wednesday. I had a quickie group meeting b/c all of the major authority of our group is at a conference in Denver. So we did what we needed to get done and then we were outta there. I got home and had 2 veggie burgers for dinner. I had one with a bun thin with mustard and the other went bunless with SF maple syrup. I don't know why I like this but it's amazing. You should try it! That wasn't enough so I cooked up some mixed veggies and finished it off with a spoonful of peanut butter. I had a 8:45 softball game, so I left early and stopped for a tea on the way. It was perfect! And we won the game 18-12 and were done about 10pm. Erin and I opted for froyo, so off we went. I was good and got a little one (10oz.) with cake batter and pistachio froyo and teddy grahams, graham cracker dust, fruit, mochi and marshmallow syrup!

Thursday was an early morning b/c I started my first day of teaching labs. I had a pb english muffin and recycled my tea bag from the night before. I was at school by 7:45. I got my lab coat and everything else together and was in the meeting room by 8am. I'm usually packing my lunch at 8am, so this was different. I had lab from 8-11, 11-12 off to eat my lunch, office hours from 12-2 and another lab from 2-5. It was a busy day and I was exhausted by the time I got home. I crashed on the couch for 20 min, changed my clothes and headed to the gym for my BOSU abs class. It was good b/c I'm feeling it today but the instructor is definitely being easy on us since it's the first week. I can tell that I'm not as out of shape ab-wise as I thought I was b/c I could do pretty much every move for the whole time. I've always had to take some breaks in the past.

I went home and slapped together some chicken fajitas, sorry no picture, and had an apple with french smuggled Nutella and watched tv. I decided that there was nothing worth watching on tv so I sat down with my sister's Kindle that she mailed me to read on my trip home (and put as many good free books on it as I can) and a cup of tea. I'm reading the newest book of the 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' series. I LOVE these books. I kind of feel like I've grown up with the characters in the book. It's like my friends are back. Weird, I know. :)

This morning, I went into work a bit late b/c I had to wait for the Fedex guy to drop off my new iPhone. The old one's switch that turned the vibrate mode on and off stopped working and my phone was stuck in vibrate mode. Not cool! I got my phone, came to school, got my new phone set up and the old one wiped and in the box to go back. I put my music back on my phone and went to lunch with Erin. She's going to Vegas on a special mission. :) But next time she goes to Vegas, I'll be going too! I've been good and have worked on my Discussion section of the paper I'm working on and hope to work on it more this weekend. My goal is to have it to the Bossman before I leave to go home on the 13th. I think that's a reasonable goal.

This weekend is going to be crazy because it's not just Labor Day weekend, it's a home WSU football weekend. You should see the hoards of people that come to this little college town just to be here. They start coming in Thursday night and usually don't leave til Sunday but I will probably be stuck with them til Monday! Yuck! Wish me luck with dealing with the traffic. If someone gets hurt, it's not my fault!

I have my Moscow 1/2 marathon trail run next weekend! I'm considering it a training run for the real deal when I'm home with my mom. It should be fun. I'm excited already!!

Have you read any of the Traveling Pants books?

Have you ever experienced a college town on football weekend?

What are you big Labor Day plans? I'm hoping to avoid the crowds if at all possible and get some writing and running in.

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  1. ohhhhh! a trail run sounds like a blast!!!!!

    totally feel you on the so busy you feel boring thing. story of my life ;)

    no big labor day plans as i will just be traveling but am loving the start of college football!