Friday, January 6, 2012

Crampy Legs to the Doc

Happy Friday everyone!!

Last night I went on a run with Jessie, Running Buddy, around town and we did 5 miles. It was pretty miserable and crampy the whole time. I wore my compression socks during the run to see if that would help lessen the cramps, but in fact, I think they made them worse. Needless to say, I hobbled myself for 5 miles around town and was only 8 min slower than my 5 mile PR. I call that a not bad job!

I went home and made dinner. I had no clue of what to make but while talking to Mother (what I call my Dad's Mom) she gave me the idea of a tuna salad. I added chopped green onion, green bell pepper, hard boiled eggs, parmesean cheese and light miracle whip and ate it on toast. It was pretty good but you wouldn't want to be around me afterwards b/c those onions were pretty potent.

tuna salad on toast

leftover peach cobbler chia pudding
At 9:30, there was nothing on tv and I was cold from being sweaty after my run and I keep my house at a whopping 57 degrees, so I went to my bed and turned the heating blanket on and look who joined me.

She's being dainty by crossing all of her legs for you.
In bed, I read a few chapters of Catching Fire and went to bed at 11. I've been working on going to bed sooner, but it turns out that 11 is as early as I could swing it last night.

For breakfast, I tried a new flavor of the Good2Go bars. This is the peanut butter fruit and nut. Instead of the chocolate chips like the other bars, there were chunks of what seemed like dried fruit. Still very yummy.

WW Salsbury steak and Mac n Cheese

raspberry greek yogurt

Hard boiled egg
Around 1:30 I was thirsty and brought this stuff to school, so I had a glass. It smells like chopped up grass but tastes like fruit and has 2 servings of fruit/veggie per 8oz.

After my green juice, I had made an appointment at Health & Wellness with the Sports Medicine Dr. (Hot Doc) that looks after the athletic teams on campus. I went to him about my cramping issue to see what he thought about it. My sister was diagnosed with Compartment Syndrome when playing volleyball in college and I didn't know if it was hereditary and I had it too. 

After talking, him bending and stretching my legs and walking up and down the hall a few times, we sat down to talk. He said that my hips were weak and that I could use some more strength in my core (can't we all!) He said that we could look into the idea of Compartment Syndrome but that dealt with a lot of poking and prodding and wanted to try something else first. His suggestion was physical therapy. The funny thing is that my sister is now going to school for physical therapy! (Well I think it's a funny coincidence.)

I made an appointment for 4:30 on Monday and will keep you posted. I also learned at my appt. that the old Nutritionist left to continue her schooling but they had just hired a new one. I used to make semesterly visits to the Nutritionist to check in since I've been on my healthy journey and felt lost when I couldn't go in the fall. I made an appt to see her on Tuesday at 11am. 

I'm going to Spokane with Erin tomorrow b/c she's getting her car stereo looked at and going to a cousin's basketball game. It will be nice to hang out with her and her family tomorrow. Sunday, Jessie and I are going on a long run. We did 3 tonight after work and my legs were tired and heavy from the run yesterday. 

Here's to a rest day tomorrow and my free day for sweets from the Get Healthy Challenge!

What does your weekend look like?

Have you tried that green juice before?

Have you ever been to Physical Therapy and did it help? 


  1. I LOVE Green machine and Superfood. Both delish!

    PT is awesome....I've been in it three times and they were all positive experiences. There will be pain but 'no pain, no gain.' I went to ProFormance and worked with Troy.

  2. My weekend is work, work, work (I am working retail while in undergrad).

    I have done physical therapy many times in my life for various issues. Honestly, none of it helped. The best thing I found was the chiropractor (miracle worker!) and core strengthening exercises like pilates. I guess it depends on your physical therapy person, though, and how frequently you do the exercises.

  3. I loved PT!! I pushed it hard there and they pushed me hard too....The week to week progress was awesome. I completely agree with your first commenter, ProFormance is great. I went to Brandon and really am proud of my results!