Saturday, January 14, 2012

Birthday Week Commences

Happy Weekend everyone!

I had all intentions of blogging yesterday but work took over and I ran out of time. I met Erin in the office at 5 b/c she was giving me a ride home to start the fun evening we had planned.

Originally, last night was to celebrate the fact that Erin had an interview for a new job, but it also ended up that I had a phone interview too! Crazy!

The plans for the evening were froyo for dinner and then seeing Sherlock Holmes. It was a smashing success and I remembered how much I missed my froyo. I was good and got the PB/ cake batter swirl with fruit and mochi on top.

After the movie, I went home and made a giant cup of tea that I was craving and read some more of 'Catching Fire'.

Backing up a little, I had a Good2Go bar for breakfast, 2 pieces of veggie pizza at lunch and 2 after my interview b/c I was losing my mind, and my greek yogurt as far as eats go. I had the froyo for dinner and a small popcorn with ranch and white chedder flavor sprinkled on it.

This morning, I battled the post office and mailed my package back to Bravissimo for an exchange. One bra was too small around (I couldn't get it to hook) and the other one made me feel claustrophobic from the cleavage! Not a good thing. So, I'm exchanging those two for a new nude tshirt bra, which is my favorite and I can wear with pretty much anything. I also mailed a job application. Woo!

I came to school and had a meeting with my Boss. We were supposed to talk about what I need to do to graduate but instead we talked about my "interview" and what I need to brush up on/ learn for the next one. It's all pretty exciting/ scary/ overwhelming all at the same time. B/c of my meeting, I sadly had to miss my workout class this morning but will do some kind of an ab workout later instead.

Tomorrow officially starts my birthday week and I'm going for my long run (7miles) and then meeting up with Erin to get our nails done! I'm going with the shellac again b/c it lasts so long! I just love it! This will probably be the last time I get my fingers done since my sister bought me a UV nail dryer so I can do my own shellac nails. I just have to buy the stuff to do it all.

After tomorrow, nothing is happening until my actual birthday on Wednesday and I'm having a party at the froyo place and getting a froyo pie!!! Thursday is birthday Steak Night and Saturday is awesome, meet the band, rock your face off with Theory of a Deadman Night!!! SOOOO Excited.

I may be turning 28 but this is going to be an awesome week and I think I'm past the idea of getting older get me down. I have so much fun stuff to do and a whole life in front of me to live!

Have you ever had a super fun birthday week? Or do you just celebrate on one day? 
I pretty much lucked out with the concert and Steak Night is always on a Thursday, so it's a week event this year!

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  1. LOL I have a birthday week here too because the BFs b-day is a few days before mine. This year, his is on a Sunday, mine Wednesday. (My brothers is on a Monday after the BFs. So totally #teamtaurus around here!) So I will do some celebrating for him and continue it in a way until the weekend after mine. lol!

    Happy Early Birthday!