Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Running Buddy

Last night, I ran with someone for the first time and it was fun! I was worried about being slow or not being able to talk b/c I was gasping for air. She runs faster than me but we ended up doing about 3 miles at a 12:32 pace!! That's faster than I usually run at a 13:05 pace. I felt great after and really enjoyed that she was there and pushed me to go harder/ farther. We have another running date set for 4 miles tomorrow. We are both running the HM on March 3 and are now going to train together!

Who knew running with someone after all this time would be fun! I think I'm hooked!

After running, I trekked myself to my car and went home. Here are the eats for the day...

pre-diner snack

meat stew

last of the sprouts

last spoon of pb :(

bad pic of grapes in a bag

dessert- cup of tea

I rolled it out while watching BL and Parenthood


last of the meat stew

raspberry greek yogurt



So my food kind of ran into each other but after I dug out that last spoon of pb, I have the container to Heif b/c he loves pb as much as I do and this is what happened.

Finding the right spot

Nom nom nom... I like pb!!

I watched the BL and Parenthood last night and feel like I'm getting back into my routine since the Holidays. I enjoy routines so it's good for me. 

I forgot to tell you that I finished the Hunger Games and totally got sucked in and borrowed #2 and #3 from a friend. I'm starting #2 tonight and will keep you posted.

I'm forgoing the gym tonight but I'm going to do some ab work and some arms to get my 30 mins of exercise in for the day.

How's day #4 of the New Year treating you?


  1. I am soo totally scared of running with anyone. don't want to slow anyone down. Hopefully someday this will get better, b/c I do think it would be fun!

  2. isn't it crazy how running with someone can make you pick up the pace?! that's one of my major goals for the next year

    ok I am a huge reader so now i must add hunger games to my list... i like series!