Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Birthday Blizzard/ 1st Guest Post

Thank you everyone for all of the birthday wishes! It has totally made my day b/c since I left my house this morning, it's been quite a struggle!

Welcome readers from A Journey to Thin!!

Last night when I got home, I put my chains on my car so I would be able to get out with the expected 6-12 inches of snow that they were calling for. I got the first chain on just fine but then ended up putting the second chain on backwards... TWICE! I was so mad/ exhausted by the time I got the stupid thing on that I didn't go to my abs class, even if my car would have gotten me there.

I stayed in and watched BL and Parenthood. I'm not sure about the Bob and Dolvett dynamic but I do enjoy looking at Dolvett, so I hope they keep him around!

I woke up to a beautifully snowy birthday morning with my inbox, facebook and texts wishing me a happy birthday! :) I got ready like normal and went out to get the car warmed up/ clean the snow off. I thought things were clear and then I got stuck in my driveway b/c one of my chains (the one I had trouble with last night) fell off!! I was SOOOOO mad! I finally got my car out of the driveway and into the trailer-street and put the chain back on. I must also note that the snow was coming down so hard at this point that I was sweaty from moving around and my hair was all wet even with a hood on! I was not happy b/c I tried to look nice for today and mother nature was giving me the finger.

my driveway

Heif not holding still after 10 mins outside

I finally got all settled in and got going. I reached a max speed of 20mph but made it to school and parked. Then I had to trek in to the building. It's still snowing and blowing and I'm exhausted and frustrated and soaked from sweat! EWW! I put my little hand fan to work and got settled down.

I had my phone interview scheduled for 10am and the guy didn't call til after 11am! I don't think this job would be a good match for me anyway b/c it's in Carlsbad, NM which turns out to be in the middle of no where desert in New Mexico. I think I'm far enough from civilization here in Pullman, so more isolated will not work for me! Nor will living in the south or a desert! I don't like being hot.

After my interview, I had a lunch insurance meeting and got free pizza for my birthday! I've been working on data the rest of the afternoon. About 3pm, I got 8 texts that WSU will be closed tomorrow. Everyone was very skeptical, but more alerts followed and it's for real. Snow day tomorrow!!

The only bad thing about this is that I have had to reschedule my Froyo Birthday Extravaganza and will probably have to reschedule Steak Night tomorrow too. They are calling for another 6-12, possibly 15 inches of new snow tomorrow. CRAZY!! As long as I can go to my concert on Saturday, then I don't care what else I have to reschedule.

Back to the guest posting thing... I while back, Alissa at A Journey to Thin posted that she would like to guest bloggers while she is on a cruise and I offered. I thought it would be fun to reach out to some potential new readers and I had never guest posted before. If you check it out or are reading my blog because of her post, please leave me a comment! :)

Since my other birthday plans got spoiled, I think I'm going to have Chinese food for dinner!

Here's to a happier and healthier year! 28 is gonna be filled with a lot of new beginnings for me and I'm ready and excited!

What do you do to celebrate your birthday?

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