Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Birthday Eve Storm

Hello everyone!

Today is my birthday eve and things are crazy around here! They are calling for 6-12" of snow here in the next 36 hours! I might get snowed in on my birthday! This could be good and bad. Good for a supposed day off but bad b/c I'll have to shovel the driveway and not be able to go to froyo for my birthday party tomorrow night.

Yesterday I was swamped so I didn't have time to blog, but here's what's been going on in my life...

I had that phone interview on Friday and then the HR guy for that company called me yesterday. He then sent me the benefits package list as well as a job questionnaire. I've been working all day on filling that stupid thing out! Then this afternoon, I get another call from a different company and they want to do a phone interview with me tomorrow morning! Yay! Things are getting crazy but I'd rather have a bunch of offers and have to choose than have none and be jobless and poor when I graduate.

The plan for tomorrow is froyo party after group meeting and then Steak Night on Thursday. It's supposed to rain after the snow moves through, so Erin and I should be fine going to Spokane for our concert on Saturday!

Here are the results of my mani/ pedi...

Are you getting slammed with snow where you are? How much snow does it take to shut things down or slow them to a crawl where you are?

Psst... I'm going to be 28 in the morning!

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  1. Happy Birthday! That's great to have so many job options! Especially these days. Hope you find one that is the right fit for you. No snow in sunny S. CA, ever. It has been in the low 60's the last few days which is freezing for us and I hear there may be rain over the weekend. That's how our winters go.