Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Day/ Interview

Hello everyone and welcome to my new readers!

Yesterday, WSU closed school down because of the weather, so Heif and I made use of the day off and went for 1:15 walk.

He went from this...

To this after the walk. I think I about near killed him! But it was fun!

While we were walking around our part of town, we came to the end of a street that was on a hill and this is what Pullman looked like...

After we got home and warmed up, Heif napped and I worked on reading 'Catching Fire'. It was a glorious afternoon of doing nothing but relaxing, drinking tea and hanging out with my kid. I can't say that happens too often. He usually wants to go sit outside in the cold.

For dinner, I cooked up some spaghetti squash and topped it with a home made kind of maranara sauce and the leftover chicken from the stuff I made on Sunday. It was quite delicious!

The squash is in there

This morning, I got an email with some AMAZING news!!! The job that I had a phone interview with and filled out a questionnaire for wants to fly me to Wisconsin the first week of February for a real interview and to meet the team!!!! I was so unimaginably excited!! I called relatives and posted it on facebook! I think just the idea of having a real job after grad school is enough to tide me over at this point.


Any interview suggestions? I haven't interviewed since high school for a job at Gander Mountain. I can take all the advise you have to give!


  1. I know at penn state we have a career services office and you can do mock interviews! maybe they have something like that at WSU?

  2. Are you looking for post doc position? Or actually venturing away from academia? Just curious from north Texas.

  3. Congrats! I work in HR and would be glad to give you some tips. Hit me up by email to let me know a little more about the position etc...

  4. Good luck on your interview!!! That is awesome news!

    Also, you have more snow there than we do in Minnesota. That is sad but true.